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Oral health is very important in maintaining an overall healthy body, our mouth are made up of various parts, all of this parts are overly important for a healthy body. Paying proper attention to your oral health can help dictate when something unhealthy sets into your body.

Our teeth isn’t an exception because if your teeth is healthy, strong and functional, it will go along way to depict our overall health conditions. Everyday you should take time to keep your oral health in check, it can help prevent certain diseases and problems.

Healthy Teeth

Is your teeth healthy? Do you have any clue how to check if your teeth is healthy or not?

In this article we are going to look at this questions, I will give you list of things that shows that your teeth is healthy. If you are already experienced stuffs like – toothache, tooth decay, weak gum or bleeding gum, then your teeth isn’t healthy at all. If you have never had such problems on your teeth before, then you should look at for this signs and seek for medical attention if any turns out to occurs.

OK now back to what I was saying, this signs below will help you to know if really your teeth is healthy or not, and also actions that you can take if there is a problem already.

1. Eat Properly 

Basically the teeth is designed in such a way that we can chew our food and do some cuttings properly. This is essential for a proper digestion, a healthy teeth is supposed to carry out this function without any complications.

If you usually feel pain when you eat hot or cold food, this is because your teeth is too sensitive. Teeth sensitivity is mostly common among adults that are over 50, although the problem of teeth sensitivity can also be found young adults. This is common in people that has a case of periodontal disease, this disease usually sets in appearing to be harmless and unnoticed, it is only noticeable when the damages it caused becomes obvious.

Bacteria can accumulate under the base of the teeth during poor oral hygiene, this bacteria multiply quickly gradually eating away part of the gum, this can result to teeth sensitivity. If you can’t chew things that are hard then it’s not a good sign, because your teeth and gum are already weak.

There are so many products you can try that can make your teeth strong again, also avoid those things that makes your teeth sensitive.

2. White Teeth 

A white teeth is a good sign of healthy teeth, white teeth shows that your teeth is healthy and strong. It also gives you the best,one thing that you should know here is that, having a colored teeth doesn’t always imply that your teeth isn’t healthy. There are so many things that can make your teeth not white in color this includes :

  • Medication – most people usually develop colored teeth right from the time they are still a child, this is caused by certain medications that were administered to them back then. Antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline can discolor the teeth of children whose teeth hasn’t fully still developed. You should also know that some mouth wash contains chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride which can discolor your teeth.
  • Tobacco – tobacco and other things like tea and coffee can stain your teeth.
  • Age – As one gets older the outer layer of the teeth is being worn out gradually, the inner layer of the teeth which is naturally yellow is being revealed .
  • Disease – Certain diseases in the body can lead to teeth discoloration , for example certain infections in a pregnant woman can lead to stains on the infant teeth.
  • Nature – every body is not the same, some people have thicker, brighter teeth naturally while others don’t.

No matter what the cause might be, a clear white teeth shows that there is no dirt layer inside your teeth. One most simple way to achieve this is by practicing good oral habits, you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

The enamel is the outer covering of your teeth, you should stay clear away from acidic drinks and foods. This type of foods and drinks tends to wear down your teeth enamel.

3. Good Breath

Good breath is also a sign of a healthy teeth and gum, proper oral hygiene is very important here.

You should make sure that you brush at least two days daily, you can also monitor the smell of your breath to know when things starts going wrong.

Leaving food particles stucked between your teeth, may seem to be harmless but it’s killing your teeth. Bacteria are always attracted to this type of teeth and they can accumulate and multiply quickly if proper care is not taken.

4. Cavity Free

Cavity is hole that is formed on the teeth due to tooth decay, you might be surprised to find out that you have tooth cavity although you are practicing good oral hygiene. Any body that has teeth can have cavity and it is very hard to detect at the initial stage of decay because it does not actually cause pain or discomfort at the beginning.

Regular visits to a dentist can help detect it on time before more damages, the damages starts very small unnoticed and gradually grows bigger as time goes on without any treatment.

Now let’s take a look at the cause of tooth decay- tooth decay is caused acids produced by unhealthy bacteria activities on your tooth. This acids wears away layers of your tooth eventually leading to root cavity.

Unhealthy bacteria activities on your teeth eats away your teeth structure leaving the nerves in your teeth exposed, this can lead to pain and discomfort when taking in foods and drinks. Dental cavity is very common because anybody that has teeth even kids can develop it, sugary foods makes this possible.

Taking lots of sugary foods and drinks can lead to dental cavity, this is common when sugar from our foods are trapped on our teeth and they are not properly removed during brushing or flossing. Bacteria tends to accumulate and break down those trapped sugar, thereby giving off acids and other chemical substances that wears down the teeth.

You should learn to take proper care of your teeth, if you feel teeth sensitivity or pain don’t hesitate to meet a dentist. With some oral exams they can help you pin down your problem, and also give you the right treatment.

5. Pink Gum 

Pink gum is a sign of a Healthy Mouth, this also shows that your teeth are healthy too. This shows that there is proper blood supply and proper functioning. Ideally, a colored teeth might not be used to confirm that your teeth is not healthy, but if your gum is red and inflamed, then your teeth is not healthy at all.

Red, swollen gum can be a sign of gum disease and there is no way that you will have a strong teeth on a diseased gum. If you have a pink gum that does not bleed, your teeth might be healthy and strong, but you can’t say for sure a test can be used to confirm.

6. Pink Healthy tongue

A nice pink colored tongue is a good sign of a complete healthy mouth, the tongue has tiny nodules for taste and it’s never dry. A dry tongue can depict that there is a problem with your gum and teeth, changes in coloration or nature of your tongue is never a good sign, you should get tested because it can be as a result of serious disease in the body.

If you have a pink tongue that is never dry, it shows that you have a healthy teeth. Cleaning your tongue properly everyday can go a long way in maintaining a healthy teeth and mouth. When you don’t clean your tongue properly, bacteria can grow there leading to damages on your teeth.

Finally, the saliva is a magical substance in the mouth, it contains numerous organic ingredients that makes it to perform different types of functions in the mouth such as –

  • It is antibacterial
  • It neutralizes acid
  • It is strengthens the enamel due to the minerals it contains.

Many people suffer from bad breath because of one problem or the other, for example most women during menopause tends to suffer bad breath and other problems as a result of low production of saliva. For bad breath or dryness it is advisable that you take it easy on the amount of sugary foods you take, even if you have to take sugary foods you need to clean your mouth properly after.

You should brush your teeth as far back as you can reach, you can also consider using mild tongue scraping tools for proper cleaning. You should talk to your dentist about topical fluoride or another suitable desensitizing agents if you have sensitive teeth.

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