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A healthy mouth is crucial for an overall healthy body, there are certain things you need to note that shows that your mouth is healthy. According to the knowledge from advanced dentistry there certain outrageous health problems that can surface due to poor oral health. In this article am going to bring to your notice some of the things that shows whether your mouth is healthy or not and also benefits of having a healthy mouth.

There are numerous positive benefits of having a healthy mouth such as : overall healthy body due to your ability to eat foods without any difficulties (pain), having fresh breath is also included. Although apart from am unhealthy mouth there are also certain factors that may contribute to bad breath, now le us dive into the heart of this article.

Signs Of A Healthy Mouth

Is your mouth healthy? We shall find out very soon as we go on. Let us explore the mouth and find out the signs that comes due to a healthy mouth. Many people out there live with one sign or the other that shows clearly that their mouth is not healthy but they tend to ignore maybe out of ignorance or maybe not.

Fresh Natural Breath 

Bad breath can be a sign of an unhealthy mouth, certain deficiencies in your diet or an outcome of another health issue, there are certain things that causes bad breath. Are you always afraid to talk to people because you fear that they might smell the awkward stench that is coming from your mouth?

Basically every body’s mouth has a strong odor in the morning after a long night sleep, have you ever wondered what might be the cause, is it a sign of an unhealthy mouth? No it isn’t, this is caused by bacteria actions and growth due to low amount of saliva production. Bacteria tends to accumulated during night rest and produce four smelling gasses, food particles left in the mouth contributes to this unpleasant odor. Apart from this bad breath can be as a result of deficiency of some nutrients in your diets or a symptom of health problem such as gum disease.

You should always test yourself at home, test for bad breath is very easy to carry out. You can smell your floss after use or you can acquire some plague from your mouth by scraping your tongue with your finger nail. A healthy mouth has a natural fresh breath, if you can’t do the simple test I stated above you can get a friend to smell your breath.

The best possible way to maintain fresh natural breath is to adapt a good habit of brushing and flossing. Before we look at the next sign of a Healthy Mouth I would like to look at other possible causes of bad breath. Bad breath is among the first symptoms of gingivitis which leads to gum disease, this worsens mouth odor and can lead to tooth (teeth) loss.

Do you have bad breath already? Don’t ever try to ignore or hide bad breath without seeking for an urgent treatment. Most people try to suppress bad breath by using mints or chewing gums, but it’s not the right thing you’re supposed to do in a situation like this. If good oral hygiene failed to solve this problem, you should visit a dentist or physician so that they will detect the cause and provide a suitable solution. I might be as a result of one health problem or the other, the disease would also be treated on time before it gets worse.

Pale Pink Gum 

The gum can be helpful in looking out for a healthy mouth, basically healthy gum is pale pink in color and also firm when touched. If you notice that your gum is tender when touched or that it’s swollen, then it’s not a good sign at all. Also if your gum is white or red in color and always bleed when being brushed, your gum isn’t healthy.

Although bleeding, red, inflamed gum can be caused by the use of toothbrush that has strong bristles, this can also be as a result of inappropriate mouth wash that irritates the gums.

If you notice that this is being caused by your toothbrush or mouth Wash, you should stop using them immediately. Persistent bleeding at the gum is not a good thing, although we use to ignore this small issue.

Red, inflamed gums that always bleed is a sign of gingivitis (Periodontitis), it can cause problems in your mouth such as loss of teeth, bad breath and abnormal sensitivity to hot and cold.

Between two adjacent teeth there is a small pocket on the gum, during flossing this small pockets are being cleaned. Unhealthy mouth tends to have larger pockets where plague and bacteria accumulate, this causes certain unhealthy conditions to the gum and mouth entirely.

It’s very important to that you visit a dentist regularly for check ups, your dentist can also help to monitor the depth of the pockets on your gum. An unhealthy gum can also be caused by a serious disease in your body, a thorough body diagnosis can also be put into consideration.

Strong Teeth & Bite

Basically in a healthy mouth, the upper and lower teeth are evenly arranged and distributed to make chewing and cleaning easier. If you notice that your teeth is now getting crowded like never before, then it’s not a good sign of a Healthy Mouth.

The teeth are evenly distributed for that awesome bite, but some situations such as malocclusion (abnormal teeth crowding) can lead to misaligned teeth. This prevents normal performance of the teeth, it leads to poor oral hygiene because crowded teeth is way too hard to clean, giving way to gum disease and bad breath.

This can also lead to other negative impacts such as : Bruxism, this is known as clenching or grinding which usually leads to wears on the teeth, it can also develop to an abnormal jaw disorder – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

Teeth decay can lead to broken and uneven dentition which can cause some problems in digestion, speaking and oral hygiene. Uneven dentition can still be corrected if things are done properly by a dentist.

Free From Pain 

Pain experienced at any part of the mouth is a sign of a an unhealthy mouth, a mouth that is in a good condition should be pain free. A dry mouth is prone to teeth decay, diseases and sores, all of this contributes to pain in the mouth.

Normally our mouth is always moist because of the constant production of saliva, we can experience a dry mouth when we are taking hot food or if there is an injury in our mouth. Dry mouth is at a high risk of developing one problem or the other such as – sores starts to develop at the corners of our mouth, cracks and a greater risk of cavities and teeth loss.

You should always be watchful for any changes or pain in any part of your mouth because this can be a sign of a disease.

Pink Tongue Tissue

During check ups at the hospital, you must have noticed that your tongue is being checked too. You may not understand this but your tongue can be used to identify a good oral health and also overall health of your entire body. A healthy oral tissue is basically pink in color and the tongue is not an exception.

A healthy tongue is firm and pink in color, it also has tiny nodules which helps for taste, this tiny nodules called papillae are being spread all over. Just like any part of the mouth, the tongue can also accumulate a large number of bacteria which can be so unhealthy.

Always make sure that you clean your tongue thoroughly every day, you can use a toothbrush or a specialized tongue scraper for cleaning your tongue.

Here I will give you some things that can cause pain and discomfort for your tongue, during diagnostic this is the possible things that can be identified through your tongue :

1. Fungal Infections – this normally appears as white patches on top of the tongue

2. Nutritional deficiency – let me give an example with it, lack of iron in your diet can lead to inflammation of your tongue.

3. Thyroid – may cause your tongue to thicken causes discomfort and pain to your tongue.

Severe pain and discoloration of the tongue can also be as a result of – allergic reaction, anemia, diabetes, improper medication or a rare case of tongue cancer.

According to a study it was also discovered that Menopause can cause the tongue to be much drier than before and can result to pain. Sores and small ulcers should not be ignored, they may seem not to be a big deal but they are so painful and so stubborn to treat. If you experience persistent occurrence of sores or ulcer then it can be as a result of severe vitamin deficiency or infection.

Sores, patches and lesions in the mouth can be related to stress and oral cancer, those that take alcohol or tobacco very often tends to develop red patches and sores in their mouth frequently. Whatever might be responsible for this you should not waste time to meet your physician to get it checked out, the longer you wait the more it might get worse.

Conclusion, after being exposed to the information on this article, making sure that your mouth is healthy should be on the next thing on your mind. Practicing good oral hygiene is very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your mouth can can impact negatively or positively on your overall health. One thing that most people don’t know is that brushing or flossing daily does not guarantee a healthy mouth.

Some problems are not visible to the naked human eye, so you don’t need to wait till the problem is obvious in there before you visit a physician. Regular check up helps detect certain diseases before they become too big or difficult to treat.

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