how to fix discolored teeth

How to fix + whiten a discolored tooth (steps)

To remove discoloration from a single darkened tooth is indeed possible. There are lots of cosmetic dental procedures out there, that dentists use to fix discolored teeth. Tooth discoloration can…

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chipped tooth discoloration

Chipped tooth discoloration: Reasons & Best Treatments

Chipped teeth are not always serious, but they do come with some dental complications. Chipped tooth discoloration is common especially for young children whose teeth are still developing. Having discolored…

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yellow teeth stains

Yellow Teeth Stains: Causes + Best Treatment & Remedies

Yellow teeth stains can actually cause an abnormal teeth color. This can cause poor smile by making some people feel very self-conscious about the looks of their teeth. Teeth discoloration…

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tooth discoloration after trauma

Tooth discoloration after trauma, Reasons & Treatments

Tooth discolouration after trauma is one of the common dental problems that many people face today. It is possible for the color of a traumatized tooth to change from white…

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tooth discoloration causes

9 Tooth Discoloration Causes + Sure Prevention Guide

Teeth discoloration is common, the teeth can become discolored on the surface or by changes in the internal teeth’s materials. Your teeth can get stained due to your food and…

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loose wisdom tooth

Dry socket wisdom teeth: Causes & What to do

The wisdom teeth is the last molars that grow at the back of the gums. These teeth are usually three or four in number and usually grow through the gums during…

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How To Prevent Dry Socket

How To Prevent Dry Socket: 6 Working Ways

For one reason or the other, your dentist may suggest the extraction of your permanent tooth. Due to high advancements and improvements in dentistry, tooth extraction procedure is totally painless. Although,…

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dry socket healing time

How Common Is Dry Socket, Symptoms & Risks

Dry Socket, also known as Alveolar Osteitis, is the inflammation of the alveolar bone and usually occurs after you have your permanent tooth removed. Normally, after tooth extraction, a dark…

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Is periodontal disease contagious

Is periodontal disease contagious? Through kissing? Answered

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a chronic pathological infection of the structures around the teeth. Periodontal disease is mostly caused by bacteria in dental plaque. It affects…

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Causes of Periodontal Disease

10 Causes Of Periodontal Disease + Sure Prevention Guide

The jawbone and gums plays an important role in the support and stability of the teeth. A healthy gum is always firm, pink in color and fits snuggly around the teeth….

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