Fast Remedies For Toothache | Tooth Pain From Nerve Reliever

Fast Remedies For Toothache | Tooth Pain From Nerve Reliever

Toothache is brings lots of pain and discomfort, I don’t need to start listing the effects of toothache for you now, but we are going to look at effective remedies that can relieve you from this dreaded pain.

Swelling around the tooth, sensitive when you are taking food or drink, bleeding around the tooth or the gum, pain when chewing are all symptoms of unhealthy teeth. The pain can increase with time getting to the cheek, jaw and even ear, on my previous post I revealed how healthy teeth should look like, you can read the post here – how healthy teeth looks like. 

Your toothache might be as a result of unhealthy gum, you need to see the dentist for proper examination but before that you can use this remedies to relieve yourself from the pain.

Remedies For Toothache 

First you need to determine how the pain is, if it’s a minor pain then this remedies can be of a great help to you. I will try to explain everything in a possible way that everyone would understand and carry out the preparation of this remedies easily.

1. Cold Press 

If your face is swollen already, application of cold press can help relieve the pain you’re experiencing. You will need to get an ice pack and a small towel, it’s not what I guessed you might be thinking now. Don’t apply the ice directly to the tooth where the pain is coming from, this will only help to make the pain more unbearable especially when the tooth is inflamed and sensitive.

Remember I said that you will need an ice pack and a small towel. You should wrap the ice bag with your towel and place it on your cheek right above the tooth (teeth), you should hold this for a little longer for about 20 minutes. You can repeat this process until the pain stops, this is not hard at all to carry out, is it?

This is how this cold press works, when applied it brings about a constricting effect to the blood vessels at that particular area thereby relieving your pain. If done properly, it can reduce swelling caused by the toothache.

2. Clove Oil 

The idea of using Clove oil for relieving toothache has been in existence for a long time, it’s one of the best traditional ways. This special oil has a natural anesthetic function, this is made possible by the chemical compound it contains know as eugenol.

This remedy numbs pain and can also cure inflammation. Clove oil can worsen your pain if you didn’t use it well as supposed, you might need to dilute it with little water first before use. When this oil gets into sensitive parts of teeth or gum, it can worsen your pain, so it’s not advisable for you to pour the oil on the affected parts of your teeth.

Instead you should get a cotton ball, add some few drops of the oil about two drops to cotton ball and apply to the affected area. You should place the cotton ball directly to the tooth, you have to be patient, give the clove oil some time to stop the pain.

You can repeat the process several times daily. There is another effective way to use clove oil, add some few drops in a glass of water and use as mouthwash. If you have clove oil you can start applying this remedy right away, if you don’t have you can buy an original clove oil with some discount here –

3. Salt Water Rinse

Until you see a dentist, you can kill the pain with a pain killing salty mouthwash. Salt water can serve as a disinfectant, it can relieve toothache and sore throat. This home remedy can eases the pain, although it won’t cure it but it’s better than doing nothing at all.

Salt water rinse helps to loosen and carry away debris from food that are stucked on your teeth, it reduces inflammation, also its very effective in treating oral inflammations. This is how you can prepare a good salt water mouthwash –

You will need a glass of warm water ( don’t use cold water or hot water ), and half teaspoon (1/2 tsp) of salt. Add the salt you measured out into the glass of water and stir until it dissolves completely. Gargle the water inside your mouth for at least 35 seconds, make sure that it splash around the affected area before spitting it out, don’t swallow!

You can use this salt water mouthwash several times a day until the pain dies down.

4. Hydrogen Perioxode Rinse

Hydrogen Perioxode has lots of uses, it kills bacteria, heal bleeding gum and also it can be used to clear out plaque in the mouth. Apart from this functions, it can relieve some discomforts such as toothache and inflammations.

Make sure that you prepare the rinse very well and also refrain from swallowing. Make sure that you dilute the hydrogen peroxide properly by mixing with equal amount of water. This mixture can be used as a mouthwash, but it’s only for mouthwash don’t swallow, spit it out after rinse.

This mouthwash has a foul taste, nobody loves the taste but just know that it’s just a remedy to relieve your pain until you see the dentist for proper treatment. You should gargle the mouthwash in your mouth making sure that the affected parts are touched properly, leave for at least for 2 minutes before spitting it out.

5. Pain Killers 

When the pain is too severe, it can be an obstacle for you to carry out some activities such as eating, speaking and even makes it very difficult to treat the toothache.

It’s wise for you to take some pain

killers for immediate effective relief, you can take some medications such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

When taking medication you should stick to the right dosage recommended at the write-up at the body of the container, or the recommendation from your doctor. If the pain fails to subside and you feel that it’s already radiating to your cheek, jaw and ear, then it’s time you see a dentist asap.

Ony more thing, don’t place medicine such as Aspirin on top of the affected tooth all in the name of pain relief, it does not work that way, get a glass of water and swallow, you might end up causing more damage to your teeth or gum by placing medicine on your teeth.

Although there are some gelatinous and also liquid medications that contains benzocaine, some of this type of medication are placed directly on top of the affected tooth and gum. Make sure that you go through how this should be applied before carrying out actions.

Other Natural Remedies

6. Garlic

Garlic has been in existence for many years, it’s highly recognized due to its medicinal properties, when used on the mouth. It can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, it also helps relieve pain.

Garlic contains a natural chemical compound Allicin, in order to utilize this natural compound found in Garlic. Crush the garlic clove into a paste, this paste should be applied directly to the affected tooth and gum, you can also chew some cloves gently. Personally I hate garlic because of the smell, well I don’t know about you, but that’s the last thing you should worry about, kill that pain first.

7. Vanilla Extract 

Vanilla has lots of health benefits, pain relief is one of them. You should get some vanilla extract, dip some cotton balls into the vanilla and place on the affected tooth. You should apply this severally daily for an effective result.

Finally, the remedies I mentioned on this article are mostly for relieving pain from toothache. Most of this remedies won’t bring a permanent cure to toothache, if your toothache is severe, caused by a health problem in your body or if it’s a case of gum disease. Your gum is also very important for maintaining a healthy teeth, here is how a healthy gum should look like. You should know when to see a dentist for a proper treatment and test.

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