Mouth Ulcer In Child Home Remedies: What Works & What Hurts

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Mouth ulcers in children are really painful, it can hinder them some qualities of life. It can deny them pleasure of eating, irritate her and can result to sleepless night. Watching your little one in pain and discomfort can make you feel bad, and even sleepless. The only thing that will be on your mind is a way to make your child feel better. Both adults and children can have mouth ulcers.

So if you have suffered mouth ulcers before you can know how painful it is and the difficulties when you want to eat or drink anything. This health problem is not contagious at all, but very painful. It appears like painful blister on the lips, cheeks and the floor of the mouth. Mouth ulcers is also known as canker sores.

As a Mommy or Daddy, there are certain you can do to prevent frequent re-occurance of mouth ulcers in your child. I have dealt with issues like this before. In my previous article I gave details on common causes of mouth ulcers in children. You can check out the post later, in order to learn more about what causes this oral problem.

First I would like to clear some things up, deficiencies of certain nutrients, such as Vitamin B, zinc and iron are common cause of mouth ulcers. (1) If you usually give your child medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it’s likely that your child will be having mouth ulcers. Here are typically questions that might be helpful –

  • My child has mouth ulcers, what are the fastest ways to get rid of it ?
  • Is it untreatable or should I see a doctor right away?

Naturally mouth ulcers should go away on their own after few days. It’s not a sign of anything serious, there are simple remedies that helps in reducing the discomforts and also speeds up the healing process. The oral problem is treatable, that’s even the purpose of me writing this post. I will give you a list of simple remedies you can prepare at home, they are effective for fighting mouth ulcers in toddlers and children.

Mouth Ulcers In Children Home Remedies

1. Coconut

The amazing coconut tree produces handy remedies for treating mouth ulcers. The coconut oil, water and milk are all effective, the soothing effects they provide gets rid of pain associated with mouth ulcers. Coconut contains a natural anti-inflammatory compounds that reduces the discomfort from ulcers by reducing the swelling.

Get some coconut water or milk and give to your child, it’s better if she gargle it. This provides soothing effects to the mouth ulcers and it’s very safe since they are edible. Although virgin coconut oil is the most effective remedy , especially for toddlers. It’s advisable that you get some virgin coconut oil for faster results. All you need to do is get a cotton ball, dab it into your virgin oil then apply directly on the ulcers.

2. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a popular choice for treating mouth ulcers. The miracle gel from the aloe vera plant is very effective for treating any form of oral or skin problem. If you have access to the plant, cut out a leaf and extract the gel.

You should apply the gel directly to the ulcers, but remember most kids detests aloe vera because of the taste. If your child is a part of this crew, you should be careful not to hurt her. But just try and apply the gel directly to the ulcers. The gel contains active anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it also contributes greatly towards the health of the gums. Although there are some other alternatives here that can still do the work.

3. Honey 

Honey has strong anti-microbial properties, it promotes faster healing when used on mouth ulcers. Unlike the aloe vera gel, it has great taste that your child will not reject the application. Just get some honey and apply it directly to the ulcers, it speeds up the healing process without discomforts.

Children love honey too, but instead of consuming much of the honey, it should be applied instead for faster healing. You can even add little turmeric to your honey to make a more effective paste for faster results. Naturally, turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can help with the healing process.

Note: Honey can be dangerous to toddlers under a year old for some certain reasons. You should not use this remedy if your child is less than a year old.

4. Buttermilk


Most children love buttermilk, if your child likes buttermilk too, then encourage her to have an un-spiced glass of buttermilk daily. This drink is also safe for toddlers and babies that have passed the age of 8 months.

Buttermilk has an excellent anti-bacterial property, thanks to the lactic acid it contains. This helps to eliminate bacterial, provides healing to mouth ulcers and also maintains a healthy mouth.

5. Ghee

Also known as clarified butter, ghee is a derivative from milk. It’s a simple excellent home remedy for treating mouth ulcers in children. You’ll need to apply ghee on the ulcers, for faster results, three times a day is OK. It provides faster relief from pain caused by mouth ulcers, also it speeds up the healing at the same time.

6. Basil or Tulsi Leaves

However way you choose to call it, either you call it Basil or Tulsi the two names are still referring to the same leaf. (2) This leaf is widely used in Indian for producing traditional medicines for treating mouth ulcers. It’s popularly known for its numerous medical benefits, it has great anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Apart from oral care, basil leaves are used all around the world for preparation of different recipes. You’ll need to get some fresh basil leaves and have your child chew them. The juice from the leaves is effective for fighting mouth ulcers, it also reduces the chances of re-occurance of the ulcers.

7. Ice Cream

This remedy can not provide a quick healing effect to mouth ulcer, but it can help to relieve the pain. Any cold treat can help numb the ulcers, ice cream does come in handy to help alleviate your child’s pain.

8. Curd

This works just fine as buttermilk for treating mouth ulcers in children and also getting rid of harmful oral bacteria. Curd contains strong anti-bacterial properties because of the lactic acid it contains. If speeds up the healing process of mouth ulcers, it also helps in maintaining a healthy mouth.

You should get some curd and have your child take a mouthful, making sure that it touches the affected areas. This can be repeated for a period of time for faster results.

9. Proper Hydration

Dehydration can make the mouth ulcers grow worse. It can easily lead to another problem such as dry mouth, if your child develops dry mouth, then mouth ulcers will be hard to treat. Dehydration is very common for children that has mouth ulcers, because of their difficulty in eating and drinking.

Ensure that your child stays hydrated, you can try semi-solid or liquid foods if the ulcers are too painful when taking solid foods. You should encourage your child to stay hydrated.

10. Salt Water Rinse

Salt water is a natural remedy for mouth ulcers, it serves as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent. But this remedy is only for older children who are not likely to swallow it. This remedy is very easy to prepare, just get a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of salt. Allow the salt to dissolve properly, then have your child swish with salt water for at least 30 seconds, spit out after.

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