Warnings & Proper Use Of Clove Oil For Toothache

Clove oil, natural toothache Remedy

Warnings And Procedures Using Clove Oil For Toothache Relief

Cloves are quite popular in so many countries, they are widely cultivate commonly for commercial purposes. The high rate of demand for cloves in the market, is because of the numerous health benefits it contains.

Clove is commonly used for food spicing, and also used in preparing different herbal products. The oil is obtained through different distillation and extraction processes. The oil is extracted from dried Clove flower buds.

According to various researches and tests, different health benefits of clove have been proved.

It’s rich in antioxidants, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief agent, thanks to the presence of Eugenol, a compound it contains. Many people today prefer natural remedies, this natural spice tends to fit in as a good effective solution to so many health problems.

Clove is used to treat digestion problems, sore throat, fungal infections, relieve athlete’s foot and toothache.

Toothache? Yes, for the purpose of this post, am going to reveal to you whether using Clove Oil for toothache is a good idea.

Does Clove Oil For Toothache work? 

Toothache can be so annoying, it mostly starts when it’s not possible to get an urgent attention of a dentist immediately. From my experience, the pain gets too intense at night when you want to rest.

There are certain simple toothache remedies that you can apply immediately. Natural treatments for toothache are also available, Clove oil is among the natural remedies for toothache.

Believe me, this remedy (Clove Oil) works just fine, when you prepare and apply it the right way. This oil has been in use for centuries for pain relief which includes toothache, but there are certain warnings and procedures to follow in order to get your desired results.

How Cloves Oil For Toothache works? 

This is where the special organic compound Eugenol comes to play an important role. Eugenol is responsible for the pungent flavor and spicy scent that clove has. This active ingredient has anesthetic and antiseptic properties, when applied to the skin it creates a numb effect.

Clove is widely used as an analgesic by dentists when performing oral surgery or tooth extraction. It reduces pain and swelling, providing a short-term relief of tooth pain.  It will only make you feel better, but it does not cure the exact cause of the toothache.

Many websites out there will only tell you how clove oil is effective in treating toothache, but most of them will fail to tell you the negative side effects. Most of this side effects are the reseaon why clove oil should be given to adults. Apart from adults it can also be given to older children that are not likely to swallow it. I will soon get to that part as I continue.

How To Use Clove Oil For Toothache  

  1. Buy Best Quality – Get the best clove oil of high quality. It you go for fake cheap ones, you will not get an effective result. You can buy already prepared 100% clove oil from health food stores or freshly prepared ones from Amazon. Here are some of our top picks, it’s recommended that you get one of this, they work just fine.
  2. The undiluted oil should not be poured directly to the gum or teeth. It can lead to irritations, instead you should neutralize the oil by adding two to three drops of a neutral carrier oil, such as olive oil. Make sure that you check the the write ups on the body of the bottle of clove oil you bought. You will be given directions on how to neutralize the oil (if there is any need for it) and also how to apply.
  3. Clove oil is applied directly to the affected tooth to ease pain, you should follow the instructions written on the bottle of the oil. Alternatively, you can get some cotton balls and apply your oil with it. If you want to go with the cotton balls option, then here is how it’s done.
  4. Bring out 1 teaspoon of the prepared clove oil, dip a cotton ball inside so that it will soak up some amount of the oil. Rub down your gum with the soaked cotton ball, this should be the gum at the point where the pain is felt. If the nerves under your tooth are exposed, try to be gentle there. Dip another cotton ball in the oil after you must have finished rubbing and place it on top of the affected tooth.
  5. You should leave the soaked cotton ball on top of the affected tooth for at least 5 minutes. It takes some time before the oil starts to work at least five minutes, after application you will feel a slight warming sensation. The numbing effects will be felt fully after 5 minutes, you can reapply after 2 – 3 hours.

How To Get Strong Clove Oil

It’s important that you should get some bottles of clove oil and keep it in your shelf where children don’t have access to. Apart from toothaches, this oil can be used for soothing when applied to any other part of your body.

You can get an original clove oil at the pharmacy, or at the supermarket. It’s advisable that you should use the oil with a carrier oil. Carrier oils are very easy to get, they are mostly vegetable or nuts oils can be used to dilute strong essential oils. When diluted, this strong essential oil like clove oil is made safe for use.

Make sure that you pick only the best, anything less than original will not give you the required results. I would recommend that you buy fresh original organic clove oil from Amazon. Here are our top picks :

Warnings And Side Effects Of Clove Oil 

Clove oil has a strong unpleasant taste, it may take some time before you will get used to it. After seeing all the great things clove oil can do, please do not swallow any of it. It’s safe when used the right way, when it becomes misused it can cause severe side effects.

When undiluted clove oil is swallowed in large quantity, it can lead to so many sides effects which includes :

  • Toxicity : when swallowed in a large quantity, it can lead to kidney damage. Some studies have shown that it can also lead to liver damage, gastric ulcer, sore throat, seizures and nausea.
  • Allergies : in most cases you will start to experience rashes , itching, swelling of your face, tongue, or lips, scratchy throat or difficulty in breathing. If you notice any of these, stop use and visit doctor asap.
  • Diarrhea : when swallowed it can cause abdominal pain, severe vomiting, dizziness and diarrhea.

You should keep clove oil away from children to avoid accidental ingestion. If you accidentally ingested a large amount of clove oil, don’t wait for the side effects to start to manifest, seek for medical attention immediately. The oil should be used in a small amount, for a long time relief it’s always advisable that you see your dentist.

Kids and Babies 

Maybe your child has a toothache, clove oil is not considered as a good option for treating children toothache. There are so many simple ways to stop toothache for kids, not clove oil.

If you still insist on using clove oil on your children, avoid giving children undiluted clove oil.

They can easily swallow the oil, and it can make them very ill. Ensure that you neutralize the oil using carrier oils, this can help to reduce the concentration. And also make the oil safe for children to use. Here are recommended remedies for treating a child that has toothache.

Summary : Clove oil has a natural anesthetic and antibacterial properties. Eugenol is the compound that clove oil contains, it is responsible for most of its health benefits, flavor and spicy scent. It provides a temporary pain relief when used for treating toothache. Undiluted clove oil is not safe for use, always make sure that you dilute using carrier oils such as Olive oil. The use of clove oil is for adults only, don’t swallow the oil while using it.

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