Natural Remedies To Stop Toothache At Home

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Natural Remedies To Stop Toothache At Home

Toothache from cavity or broken tooth can ruin your beautiful day, from my own personal experience. Most of this toothache usually sets in at old hours, when you might not be able to see a dentist. Most toothache usually start at night, it results to lack of sleep and discomfort.

Trying to endure the pain from toothache can be a bad idea, the pain will spread rapidly with time if no pain reliever is applied. Starting from the Jaws and face, the pain can spread throughout your body rapidly. This can deprive you the pleasure of eating and even talking in a severe case.

At this moment, your priority is to put a stop to the pain, but first you need to find out exactly what’s causing the toothache. Toothache can be as a result of serious health problem, tooth damage or decay, gum disease and so many other things.

When dealing with toothache, using natural remedies can be the bests solution for quick relief and cure. There are so many effective herbs and spices out there for treating toothache. is here to help you identify best effective herbal products for a complete oral health care and treatments. You can check out a list of herbal products and Mouthwash that I recommend earlier for curing toothache and other teeth related problems. >> Medically Proved Products For Toothache Pain Relief

Before medicines as we see in pharmaceutical today came into existence, the early man relied solely on herbs and spices for treating oral discomforts and disease. Most of this herbs and spices are anesthetics, pain relievers and also antiseptics. This herbs and spices I will list below are used as traditional toothache Pain reliever in different parts of the world. Some of them can be gotten right at your backyard, I will include direct links you can use to buy new original herbs.

Before we dive into the heart of this article, I would like show you some simple remedies to counter toothache and get some rest. Maybe due to the time and the nature of the place you are at when the toothache sets in. Herbs and spices might not be available at that moment, you can try any of these methods for fast relief.

  • Cold Press : Get an ice pack and wrap it up with a small towel, then place it on your cheek directly above the tooth where the pain is coming from. Please don’t place the ice inside your mouth on top of your teeth, this will only increase the pain. Instead wrap the ice in a towel and place it on your cheek.
  • Rinse Mouth With Salt Water : Get a glass of warm water, measure out 1/2 teaspoon of salt and add to the glass of water. When the salt has completely dissolved, drink a little bit of the salt water and gargle it in your mouth. Please don’t swallow, spit out after. If there is any other mouth wash available, it can also serve. Salt water breaks away food debris in the mouth and also kills the harmful bacteria that are causing damages.
  • Medication : medication such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen can provide a fast relief from minor toothaches, and inflammation. Swelling and blunt sharp pain signals can be drastically reduced by taking anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Peppermint Tea Bags : this is also helpful to ease pain for a short time, it has mild numbing properties that can relieve pain from toothache. You should also avoid foods and drinks that triggers the pain. Hot, cold or acidic foods and drinks are not the right option for you.

This are just some of the simple remedies I mentioned earlier in my previous post. You can see more simple remedies and procedures of application here > Fast Remedies For Toothache 

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Toothache At Home

1. Cloves 

Cloves contain a natural ingredient that numbs the nerves in your mouth, it’s a good home remedy for pain relief. They have natural painkilling and antibacterial properties, many countries mostly China and India. Has been using cloves for preparing traditional medicines for treating different types of pains in the body.

Cloves has been in use for centuries for treating toothache, dentists use clove to reduce pain and Inflammation because of its primary essential component known as Eugenol. Clove Oil is can also be used for treating different types of health challenges such as – asthma, headaches and indigestion, but it is used mostly for dental care and treatments.

Clove Oil is one of the most popular ingredients for Toothpaste, mouth wash and so many other reliable products for oral care. To apply Clove Oil to your the affected tooth, you will need to get cotton balls and some Clove oil. Dip your cotton ball into the clove oil and place it on top of the affected tooth, you will need to hold it there for some few minutes.

You may need to repeat this process until that affected part is numbed, if the oil extract is not available. Alternatively, you can get a full Clove and grind it, after that you will need to place it directly on the affected area and hold it till that area is numbed.

2. Garlic

Garlic release a natural antibacterial agent know as Allicin when crushed, this property am can also help to ease toothache. In order to put this Allicin into use, you will need to chew raw garlic cloves.

Chew raw gas cloves and also make sure that the affected tooth in your mouth is touched, alternatively you can crush your garlic cloves and make a Mouthwash instead.

3. Turmeric 

Turmeric is among the most popular medical spices of all time, when used in cooking it has a great unique flavor. Apart from using it as a spice in foods, turmeric has a strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties.

For centuries turmeric is used in preparation of traditional dental care products, this is effective because of a healthy active ingredient contained in turmeric. This active ingredient is known as – curcumin, curcumin can heal Inflammed gum, stops toothache and abscesses.

You will need to make a paste with turmeric powder and apply to your tooth for instant relief. Bring a small amount of water, add about a teaspoon of turmeric powder to make a paste. You might also consider making your paste following the method used in making traditional tooth and gum care.

It’s recommended that you should measure out a teaspoon of turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and enough mustard oil. All this ingredients should be mixed properly together and applied directly on the affected tooth for an immediate pain relief effect.

4. Thyme Oil

Thyme has so many uses, but it is popularly used for cooking due to its unique flavors. There are numerous positive health benefits of thyme, it is used in making herbal products for teeth problems and gum disease. Because of its antimicrobial properties it is very effective for treating toothache, tooth decay, gum disease and also flushes away harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Thyme is used to eliminate unhealthy bacteria that build-up in the body, including the mouth. If you notice that the tooth pain is caused by infection, then thyme might be the best solution for treatment. If you are able to get thyme oil, you should apply it with your fingertip to the affected tooth and gum.

You can chew the leaves gently or instead make a herbal tea with dried thyme leaves. From my own personal experience, I have seen a friend making thyme herbal tea before. He usually gets the fresh leaves and dry them for about 12 hours, he then puts some of the dried leaves in a cup and adds hot water and honey. The tea is kept for a while about 30 minutes, after he sieves the tea and drink about 2-3 times daily.

Thyme leaves or oil can be gotten from the market, you can get original thyme leaves and oil here –

5. Ginger

Ginger has a great taste, a fresh ginger is packed with numerous healthy ingredients such as gingerone, shogaols and gingerols. Ginger has a strong antimicrobial property, it’s very effective in treating infections and dental problems.

Chewing raw ginger tastes great, it’s a good effective way to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that are causing problems in the mouth. If you are able to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth, further damages will be stopped and the pain will go eventually.

6. Neem

If you are looking for  an effective herb for treating oral diseases and discomfort, Neem is among the best option. It helps to boost our immune system,  making us resistant to infections and microbes attacks.

The whole parts of neem tree (stem, root, leaves, backs and twigs) are all beneficial, they are chewed and rubbed on the gum and teeth in order to prevent gum disease, toothache tooth decay and oral Inflammations.

Neem is one of the most important ingredient that is used in preparation of dental care products because of its numerous health benefits. It’s used to maintain healthy teeth and gum and also in treating different oral diseases such as gingivitis. You can get neem powder and mix it into your toothpaste and use it regularly for brushing.

There are also special toothpastes that are made using neem, daily use of this toothpastes can help to maintain a healthy teeth and oral hygiene. Here are some of this special toothpaste you can order now >

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