How To Strengthen Tooth Enamel: What Works + Risks

Strengthen tooth enamel

The tooth enamel is the outermost white part of a tooth. It will always  remain white and strong when we take proper care of our teeth. Taking care of your teeth doesn’t need to be expensive, daily brushing and flossing are very effective for fighting oral problems. Most of the dental problem that most people suffer from usually end up resulting to damages to the teeth. The enamel being the outermost protective layer of the teeth helps to keep the teeth strong and functional.

Misuse or not taking proper care of your teeth can weaken and damage your teeth enamel. But it’s always advisable to take protective measures in order to protect your teeth enamel. Certain foods and remedies can strengthen tooth enamel, making the enamel resistant to erosion and damages. In this article am going to reveal to you different techniques to strengthen tooth enamel. After knowing the techniques, it’s now left for you to do everything you can to protect your teeth enamel.

How to strengthen tooth enamel

Before I dive into the heart of this article I would like to explain more on this topic. The enamel is quite very strong but there are certain factors that can weaken, break down and damage the enamel overtime. Once your teeth enamel has been damaged, it’s usually very difficult to restore them back.

Since your tooth enamel does not regenerate, you might have to go for dental restorative treatments. The best way to avoid all of this complications is by protecting and keeping your teeth enamel strong enough. Strong enamel are more resistant to erosion and damages. Here are ways to strengthen your teeth enamel:

1. Pick the right toothpaste: all toothpastes are not created equal, some toothpaste are specially designed to strengthen the teeth. Toothpastes that contains flouride are great for the protection of the teeth and also for preventing cavities. A research report from the American Dental Association, proved that toothpastes which contained sodium chloride, dissolved calcium, phosphate, and fluoride can reduce tooth enamel erosion and damage.

Daily use of fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash can help to restore some of the minerals that were lost from your teeth. When shopping for oral care products, ensure to look for products that contain remineralizing agents. Fluoridated oral care products can strengthen tooth enamel and also help to prevent certain dental problems.

2. Take enough calcium: the enamel is among the hardest substances found in our body. It’s made up of minerals, enabling it to protect the softer dentin and sensitive parts of the teeth. When your teeth are exposed to erosive agents such as acids, these acids tend to remove most of the minerals it contains. This process is known as demineralization, it makes your teeth to be more susceptible to decay, sensitivity and erosion.

Luckily, calcium, phosphorus and zinc are among the essential minerals that made up the teeth. Regular taking of foods and fruits that are rich in these minerals can help to remineralize your teeth. They strengthen tooth enamel, by preventing enamel demineralization. Foods such as: pumpkin seeds, shellfish, oysters, red meat, crab, beans, broccoli, cabbage and dairy products are good sources of tooth-healthy minerals.

3. Take enough vitamins: vitamins are essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins D and K2 are great for teeth protection and strengthening. Studies have shown that you can experience constant teeth demineralization when you are not getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in the body, it increases the absorption of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin K2 on the other hand, helps to make sure that the absorbed minerals are properly utilized for teeth and bones remineralization. Foods such as: salmon, fermented cod liver oil, egg yolks, soya beans, chicken liver and vegetables are great sources of tooth-healthy vitamins. (1)

Other ways to protect your teeth enamel

4. Stop teeth grinding:  teeth grinding also known as bruxism, is a medical condition that involves uncontrolled grinding or clenching of the teeth. This health problem can even occur unconsciously during the day time or at night. Teeth grinding at night is very common in both children and adults. If you are a grinder then you should get help on how to stop. Teeth grinding can wear down your teeth enamel overtime, exposing the inner layers of your teeth.

Grinding is really a bad habit, you can end up suffering from severe pain when you eat or drink. You should not ignore these oral problem, talk to your dentist he can help you stop teeth grinding.

5. Avoid excessive consumption of sugary foods: eating anything at all that has high contents of sugar and starch can lead to tooth decay and erosion. Sugary and sticky foods such as: milk, honey, chocolate, candies, sugar-laden breakfast cereal, dried fruit, cake and so on are dangerous to you teeth.

They tend to attract lots of harmful bacteria to your teeth, this bacteria will eventually produce acids that will attack your enamel.The acids eats away the natural minerals in your teeth, resulting to teeth demineralization. Am not actually trying to tell you not to take surgery foods at all. If you must take them, ensure to brush or rinse your mouth in order to prevent acid buildups.

6. Brush the right way: brushing daily is a great way to prevent dental problems, but only when it’s done the right way. Most people cause problems to their teeth and gums all in the name of brushing their teeth. Using hard-bristled toothbrush or brushing aggressively can damage your teeth enamel and gum tissues. You should use soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle brushing techniques instead.

Regular brushing and flossing can help to remove plaque, food particles and harmful bacteria from your mouth. When brushing, you should try to clean the inside surface of your teeth. You can also visit your dentist regularly for frequent professional dental cleaning and examinations.

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