5 Serious Dental Crown Problems: Know Them Now!

dental crown problems

A dental crown being a strong artificial covering is meant to offer protection and restoration to the tooth. But having a dental crown does not mean that you don’t have to worry about dental crown problems. Some dental crown problems and complications can surface when you don’t take proper care of the crown. Although, some of the causes of this oral problems might be beyond your control.

Having a dental crown does not mean that you will be free from pain. Pain and discomfort is very common within few days after you have gotten a crown. After the site has completely healed, you are not supposed to experience pain or dental crown problems anymore.

However, if you start to experience severe pain and discomfort after undergoing a dental crown procedure, no matter the moment, you should contact your dentist.

Before the end of this article, you will get to know some of the dental problems that you might experience after getting a crown. I will also address common questions on what you can do after seeing such dental problems.

Common dental crown problems 

1. Sensitivity: tooth sensitivity is very common immediately after the crowning procedure. This usually occur when the anesthesia giving to you during the crowning process have started to wear off. You will start to notice sharp pain on the tooth that just received the crown, when you take hot or cold foods. This simply means the softer inner layer of your tooth is exposed.

This is very common if your tooth enamel is trimmed off before the crown was installed. Tooth sensitivity is a sign that the installed crown did not cover your tooth completely. Maybe the crown was placed too high on your tooth, leaving the lower nerve endings exposed.

Now see what you should do. You have to contact your dentist for proper evaluation, he will know the best way to fix it. He can apply a solution to cover the exposed tooth dentin or he can recommend suitable teeth sensitivity remedy for you.

2. Tooth decay: getting a crown over your tooth is not the final bus stop. The dental crown cannot decay but the remaining part of your tooth can. When you don’t keep up with good oral hygiene after getting a dental crown, you will end up creating more problems for yourself. Plaque and harmful oral bacteria can easily accumulate at the margin between the crown and your tooth.

The remedy is quite simple, you should try to brush and floss at least twice a day. You should also try to avoid eating much of foods that can attract lots of harmful bacteria and plaque to your teeth. Dental crown is quite expensive, so why won’t you take proper care of your teeth in order to avoid decay?

If the decay is underneath the crown then brushing and flossing alone might not be of any help. Your dentist will need to remove the dental crown and clear out the decay. After removing the decay, he will make a new core and place the crown back to your tooth.

3. Your crown fell off: unlike our natural teeth, dental crown is artificially installed in the mouth. It can fall at anytime, if it’s not properly fitted to your tooth. Use of poor cementing material can also make your crown to fall off. If your crown fell out, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk to your dentist asap.

Your dentist may need to re-cement your crown in place or even get a new crown for you. The dentist will surely determine the best action to take.

4. Loose tooth: in some cases, the cementing material that is used to hold your crown might start to wash away. This might be as a result of constant exposure of the crown to erosive acids due to poor oral hygiene. Washing away of the cementing material, can lead to loose tooth. Harmful bacteria can easily leak into your tooth and cause further damages and decay.

If you notice that your crown is getting loose, it’s advisable that you contact your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist can re-cement your crowns.

5. Allergic reaction: in some rare cases, some patients starts to experience allergic reactions after getting a dental crown. Most of the crowning materials are made by mixing different metals together. It’s possible that an allergic reaction due to the mental used for your crown can occur.

However, just like I said earlier, it’s extremely rare but it’s possible. The only thing that you can do to solve this problem is to get a new crown made of different material.

6. Black coloration along the gum line: this problem is normal, it does not pose any health risk, just that it’s not pleasant to see them. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is made by mixing metals and porcelain together. At times the metal is used in the construction of the base of the crown. The dark color of the metal will always be visible at the base of the crown along your gum line.

This can be so annoying and unpleasant if the crown was placed on your front teeth. The only remedy for this is to replace your crown with a tooth-colored crown. Tooth-colored crowns such as ceramic crowns are specially designed to match the color of your existing natural teeth.

7. Cracked crown: although, the dental crown is very strong but in rare cases it can crack. Of all the available crowning materials,  porcelain or porcelain- infused metal are more likely to crack. Depending on how deep or serious the damage is, the crown can either be repaired or replaced.

If the damage is not big enough, it can still be repaired using a composite resin. On the other hand, if the damages are quite much, then there will be need to replace the crown.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be deceived by the word “permanent dental crown”. Any of the dental crowning material can develop fault. If you experience any of these dental crown problems, you should contact your dentist and tell him. The dental problems that I mentioned on this article are the most common problems that most people experience after getting a dental crown.

If you experience any other discomfort from your dental crowns, your dentist can help you to find the suitable solution to your problem.

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