Gum Line Cavity Treatments : What Works & What Hurts

diseases that cause tooth decay

Cavities at the gum line are very sensitive and painful. They tend to spread more faster than any other type of dental cavity. Cavities such as those that develop on the crown surfaces spreads slowly. However, no matter the type of cavity you have, regular visits to your dentist can be helpful for faster treatments.

I don’t want to waste much of your time here, but for the purpose of educating all, I will like to reveal to you some causes of cavities.

Like some of us already know, bacteria in plaque and tartar is the most common cause of cavities. The habit of taking loty of sugary foods and drinks is not considered healthy for the teeth. Much of sugary foods increases the rate of plaque buildups on your teeth. Plaque attracts bacteria that feed on the sugars contained in the plaque, this results to the production of acids that can destroy the teeth.

The plaque acids wears away the protective layers of the teeth overtime, leading to the exposure of the teeth roots. The tooth roots are easily destroyed when it’s exposed to plaque, harmful bacteria and acids. This will eventually lead to tooth decay, cavities and finally tooth loss if left untreated. This are the basic things you should know about cavities, although there are other causes of cavities.

Gum Line Cavity

This is a particular type of dental cavity, when you have a cavity or tooth decay that extends below the gums. This type of cavity is very difficult to treat, the decay inside the gums is very difficult to clean out.

Usually, tooth decay occurs at the edge of the teeth or fillings. The decay can grow larger when it’s not treated developing into cavities. If you’re always getting cavities all of a sudden, finding out the underlying cause is very important. Like they say, prevention is always the best cure. Most people after getting fillings along the gum lines tend to develop cavities.

According to studies tooth decay / cavities is the second most common dental problem in the United States. From the a study, it was reported that more than two out of five United States citizens have untreated cavities at any given moment. Gum line cavity is among the most common type, it’s advisable that you don’t leave it untreated because it quickly break down the tooth and the gum tissues.

Ensure that you protect your self and your family members from cavities, by encouraging everyone to strick to good oral hygiene. Areas like below the gum lines are usually hard to clean, making such places ideal for harmful bacteria and food particles to accumulate. Anybody that has fillings especially along the gum lines should stick to good oral hygiene to avoid frequent cavities.

Cleaning your teeth and mouth daily with suitable toothpastes and mouthwash can be your best line of protection against tooth decay and cavities. According to crest taking proper care of your is an important part of maintaining your overall health and wellness, it includes preventing dental cavity. However, apart from poor oral hygiene, those that suffer from dry mouth or diabetes are at high risk of developing cavities. This are some of the diseases that can cause tooth decay.

Gum Line Cavity Treatments

  1. Fillings : this dental procedure is only carried out by a dentist. The decayed portion of your tooth is drilled away and is then replaced with a strong filling. Depending on your choice, the filling can be made of either composite resins, porcelain, silver, gold, or amalgam
  2. Root Canal : when the decay have already lead to death of the nerves around the affected tooth. Root canal is done on the deceased area to remove the nerve tissue, blood vessel tissues, and part of the deceased tooth. Your dentist will perform some series of tests to find out the particular underlying cause of the decay. After treatments, he will fill up the tooth, if your tooth was removed completely then it would be replaced with a crown.
  3. Crowns : crowns just like fillings, can be made of porcelain, gold, or metal. This method of treatment is usually recommended if the cavities have grown too large. First, after close examination the dentist removes the decay. Custom crowns are fitted over your affected tooth in order to replace its natural crown. In addition, cavities is more easier to treat at its early age, with regularly scheduled visits to your dentist it can be identified early.

Prevention of gum line cavity 

In order to prevent frequent occurrence of tooth cavities, it’s necessary that you make some lifestyle changes. Change those lifestyles that are really causing the problem.

  • Brush your teeth daily for at least twice a day. Brushing and flossing helps to clear away plaque and bacteria. Ensure that you get the appropriate toothbrush and toothpastes for your daily brushing. Flouride toothpastes works just fine for prevention cavities.
  • Avoid consuming much of sticky sugary foods. Acidic foods and refined carbohydrates are not also good for the teeth either. Taking much of this type of foods daily can cause frequent occurrence of cavities.
  • If you use to grind your teeth (bruxism) either in your sleep or while awake. You should talk to your dentist about it. If you can’t stop your self from teeth grinding, you should consider looking at this treatments for teeth grinding.
  • Avoid snacking just before going to bed. If you must take snacks before going to bed, make sure that you brush your teeth after before you sleep.
  • Always visit your dentist for regular oral examinations and cleaning. Getting regular professional oral cleaning from your dentist can be helpful in preventing cavities.
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