Dry socket vs normal

Dry socket vs normal socket healing after extraction

The human permanent teeth are strong and made in such a way that they should last for a lifetime. But sometimes for one reason or the other, extraction of a tooth may…

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types of bad breath smells

7 Types Of Bad Breath Smells: Know Them Now

Bad breath smells and odors vary depending on the underlying cause or origin. Bad breath is usually harmless but it’s so embarrassing and nobody will tell you about it. Everyone…

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how to prevent dry mouth while Sleeping at night

7 ways to prevent dry mouth while sleeping at night: What Works

Having a good night sleep is essential for everyone, especially after the long day work and stress. Sleep can help in proper functioning of the body and everybody require a…

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causes of dry mouth at night

Causes Of Dry Mouth At Night & Its Effects To Your Health

Dry mouth also known as xerostomia is a medical condition, when the salivary glands can’t produce enough saliva to keep the mouth wet. Dry mouth at night is common, but…

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Sensitive Teeth red gums

Receding Gums Pictures : What Receding Gums Looks Like

Here are receding gums pictures, I will show you different signs and progression with pictures. As most of you already know what receding gums is all about, but for the…

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cure for mouth ulcers, Canker Sores

Fastest 8 Ways To Cure Mouth Ulcers (Canker Sores)

You have white painful sore with red borders inside your mouth, so painful. What is the fastest way to cure mouth ulcers? This a question on your mind right now,…

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coconut oil carrier oil

Mouth Ulcer In Child Home Remedies: What Works & What Hurts

Mouth ulcers in children are really painful, it can hinder them some qualities of life. It can deny them pleasure of eating, irritate her and can result to sleepless night….

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Mouth sores and Ulcers In Children

Mouth Ulcers In Children : Causes, Symptoms & Pictures

Mouth ulcers or sores causes lots of pain and discomfort to children, even to adults. They can appear on the inner lining of your child’s mouth, most times on the…

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Colgate Sensitive teeth toothpaste

Toothpastes To Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain: What Works

Sensitive teeth is so frustrating,  certain common activities everybody does daily can be a problem for you. Things like brushing, eating and even drinking can cause sharp pain and discomfort…

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Picture of healthy mouth

Signs And Pictures Of Healthy Mouth | Oral Care

SIGNS OF A HEALTHY MOUTH A healthy mouth is crucial for an overall healthy body, there are certain things you need to note that shows that your mouth is healthy….

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