Receding Gums Pictures : What Receding Gums Looks Like

Sensitive Teeth red gums

Here are receding gums pictures, I will show you different signs and progression with pictures. As most of you already know what receding gums is all about, but for the purpose of educating all. I will start with some explanation.

Gums recession is the exposure of the teeth roots, due to the pulling away of the gums margins from the roots of the teeth. Receding gums creates a noticeable gap between the gums and teeth, where food particles and harmful bacteria easily accumulate.

This medical condition starts very slowly and worsens so gradually over the years. I have written some few posts before, revealing the causes of receding gums, the treatments and also natural remedies. But in this post we are going to look at receding gums pictures, the different signs and stages.

1. Sensitive Teeth 

Gums recession usually sets in giving off the sign of teeth sensitivity. So much accumulation of bacteria and tartar can easily erode the teeth enamel. With time the tooth roots are exposed, pockets also form in the gum around the tooth. Apart from buildups of tartar and bacteria, aggreesive brushing can also erode your teeth enamel. You can check out the causes of teeth sensitivity to learn more. If you start to experience teeth sensitivity, then it’s advisable that you get tested.

2. Tender Gums

At this stage, the signs are not quite painful. You will start to notice red or purple bleeding gums that feels tender when touched. This are all signs of an unhealthy gum and it can progressively develop into periodontist when left untreated.

3. Long Teeth

Some of your teeth at the receding areas will appear longer than other teeth. This is the most significant observation that lets you know that your gums are receding. At this stage the teeth roots are already exposed, and this can be painful and uncomfortable. If left untreated this can lead to gum disease and finally tooth loss.

4. Tooth Loss 

At this stage, the gums around the tooth are damaged. The gums tissues and the supporting bones that are supposed to hold the tooth in place are destroyed. The gums develop more deeper pockets, losing its attachment and support to the tooth.

Gum disease is not what you should ignore, it attracts lots of harmful bacteria that destroys the surrounding support structures. If left untreated it can lead to more infections and serious dental problems. Furthermore, early detection of receding gums can be helpful for faster treatments. It’s advised that you see your dentist regularly for regular dental check-ups. You should consult your dentist if you notice that your gums are receding, there are numerous treatments available he can recommend for you.

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