Pictures Gallery: Zirconia Crowns Before and After Looks

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LoopIn recent times, zirconia crowns have been very popular in dentistry. It’s now one of the most popular and most recommended types of dental crowning material. In a quest to have aesthetic artificial teeth, dentists may recommend zirconia crowns. Zirconia crowns have so many awesome properties that makes them stand ahead from regular traditional crowns.(1)

Zirconium is a white powdered metal that is made up of zirconium oxide or zirconia. It’s white in nature, being a member of the titanium family. The zirconium is popularly known for its strength and durability, which makes it ideal to be used for the production of dental crowns. Crowns made from zirconium are known as zirconia crowns. These crowns are very strong and can withstand pressure from chewing and grinding food. (2)

Why zirconia crown is a popular choice

One of the main reason why most patients choose zirconia, is because of its appearance and strength. When used as a dental crowning material, zirconia crowns tend to blend quite very well with your natural teeth. They are white in color and can be customized to provide a more natural look, closely matched to the color of your existing teeth.

Zirconium crowns do not corrode, they are strong and can withstand pressure and wear, making them to last longer for years. Unlike metal crowns, the tissues in the mouth happily accept the zirconium crowns. You don’t need to worry about allergic reactions or any other health risks, they are highly biocompatible.

Well, am not here to lecture on zirconia crown, but these are the basic things that you’ll need to know about these crown. If you wish to know more about zirconia crowns visit here – Prices, Prons & Cons of Zirconia crowns. 

Within few seconds from now, I will show you different pictures, showing the the before and after looks of zirconia crowns. These are real patients that had their teeth crowned using zirconia.

Zirconia crowns before and after Pictures










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