How Much Teeth Filling Costs: Guide To Spend Less

teeth filling cost

Trust me, no normal person would love to have holes on his or her teeth. Dental holes are consequences of poor oral hygiene. When you don’t take good care of your teeth and gums, you will end up creating problems that you should have prevented.

Not brushing or flossing daily is can lead to plaque buildups, resulting to different dental problems. Also, eating much of teeth – unhealthy foods and drinks is not good for you teeth either. Tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, gums bleeding and oral infections are common signs of bad oral health.

I don’t want to waste much of your time here. Within few seconds from now, we’ll look at different types of teeth fillings and their costs. This can help you in making a good decision, if you’re planning on getting some teeth fillings.

What are teeth fillings?

By now, you must have known what dental fillings are, right? For the purpose of educating all, I will explain some few things about teeth fillings.

Teeth filling is a type of restorative treatment that is used to repair the lost part of the teeth. Decay leads to damages on the surfaces of the tooth, resulting to tooth cavities or holes. Due to these damages on the surface of the tooth, biting or chewing can be very painful.

In dentistry it’s possible to cover up the holes and damages on your tooth with fillings. Depending on your choice, there are numerous dental filling materials available, including composite, porcelain and amalgam. However, in some severe case of tooth damage, the affected tooth may require additional or alternative procedures. Dental implants, root canal and dental crowns are some of the available alternatives to tooth fillings.

Treatment and cost planning

Several materials can be used for fillings, the cheap ones tend to wear down faster. Some fillings are more durable than others while some are very expensive. For example, composite fillings are more expensive than other traditional amalgam fillings, because it involves the use of expensive materials.

If this your first time of getting a filling, it’s always advisable that know what to expect before you visit the dentist’s office. You’ll need to check your pocket and make a clear decision on the type of fillings that you want.

Although, the length of time that a filling will lasts doesn’t only depend mainly on the material used for the filling. How well you take care of your fillings after getting them matters a lot.

How much teeth filling cost

Teeth filling costs lots of money, but just how much? Before I answer that question I would like to make some things clear to you. The cost of dental fillings varies depending on the country or location where you are getting the fillings. The price for fillings in large costal cities are very high. However, rural areas and the Midwest tend to enjoy lower prices for dental fillings. According to yourdentistryguide, there are lots of factors that can affect fillings cost, this factors include :

  • Dental insurance: if you don’t have dental insurance, you’ll pay the full charge. The type of dental insurance you have can help to determine the amount you’ll pay.
  • The number of your teeth surfaces that would be filled.
  • The location where it is performed.
  • Type of filling material: Most dental insurance plans does not cover the cost of all the filling materials.

In addition, getting a cavity filling without insurance can cost up to hundreds to thousands of dollars. Just like I said earlier, without insurance, the dentists will give you full charges. But with a dental insurance you can avoid paying more than 50% of the filling charge.

I have done some research on the cost of dental fillings at different locations. I will give you a list of estimated prices, that can help you have an idea of the fair and reasonable charges nationwide.

  • Amalgam (silver), back tooth: $132
  • Resin composite (white), front tooth: $155
  • Resin composite (white), back tooth: $170
  • Gold $1156 for a single filling

Remember, depending on where the dental filling is performed the prices may vary. The average cost of amalgam fillings ranges $110 to $200 per filling, whereas the cost for resin-based composite ranges from $135 to $240 per filling.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of pros and cons associated with each material used in dental fillings. On average, amalgam fillings last for many years more than composite fillings.

Amalgam lasts at least 10 to 15 years and has an incredible strength to withstand chewing forces and pressure. One more advantage of amalgam is that it’s less expensive than composite fillings.

However, the cost of gold fillings is usually many times higher than the cost of amalgam filings. Gold fillings can last up to 5 – 7 years without corrosion. (1) Unlike amalgam fillings, gold filling is more pleasing to the eye.

Composite fillings are also more pleasing to eye than amalgam fillings. It can be customized to be closely matched to the color of existing your teeth. The only problem here is that it wears out sooner than amalgam. Composite fillings last for at least least 5 years, making it the least durable filling material. This is because they don’t withstand constant pressure of chewing quite very well.

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