Working Ways To Fix Broken Tooth At Home Yourself

Fix Broken Tooth At Home

The teeth are likely to break, fracture or chip when they are not properly maintained. Extreme cases of tooth grinding, biting on hard foods, accident, gum disease or bone loss can lead to tooth damage. A cracked or broken tooth can cause severe pain, it can even make the affected tooth to be more susceptible to infection and further damage.

Naturally, the teeth are protected by a strong outer covering known as the enamel. Beneath the white tooth enamel lies the dentin which is a soft inner layer. The dentin on its part protects the pulp which contains very sensitive tooth nerves and blood vessels. A crack in the tooth can extend deep into the dentin, leaving the tooth pulp exposed. An exposed pulp is the reason why the tooth will hurt when chewing, the tooth can also become extremely sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks.

Well, maybe you are reading this article right now because you are currently battling with broken tooth or you might just be preparing yourself incase the situation arises. Whatever your reason might be, you are indeed at the right place. In this article, I will give you a list of effective home remedies to get rid of broken tooth pain. I will also share with you, some of the simple ways to fix broken tooth at home yourself.

Remedies to Treat Broken Tooth Pain

Before, I continue with this article there are few important things that you should know. If you suspect that your tooth is cracked or broken, the best thing to do is to visit a dentist as soon as possible. But while you are still waiting for your appointment day, there are a few steps you can take to alleviate your pain.

There are also few temporary ways to you can fix your damaged teeth all by yourself without the dentist. In the meantime, you should try as much as possible to keep the affected tooth healthy. Here are some home remedies to relieve the pain:

  • Clove oil: apply some clove oil directly on the broken tooth to reduce pain and chances of infection. Clove oil has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties which makes it effective for relieving toot pain and reducing infection. Get some cotton balls, soaked a ball in the oil and place it directly on the affected tooth and the surrounding gums. The oil will creates a numbing effects on the tooth and gums.
  • Lemon mouthwash: make a solution with a glass of water and few drops of lemon juice. This remedy is an effective home remedy for relieving tooth pain, it also promotes the general health of the tooth. The solution also helps to remove harmful bacteria, thus preventing infection.
  • Salt water rinse: rinsing your mouth with warm salt water is a great way to sanitize your mouth. The salt water will help to reduce the tooth pain as well as revents bacteria from growing in the mouth. Make a solution with a glass of warm water and I teaspoon of salt. Rinsing with the solution, will keep your mouth clean and free from infection.
  • Apply an ice pack to your face: ensure to inspect the affected tooth, check if there is swelling or inflammation in the gums around the cracked tooth. In some cases, the cracked tooth may cause your face to appear swollen and puffy. If the area around the surrounding gums and cheek are swollen, applying an ice pack will reduce your swelling. So, grab a small ice pack and wrap it with a small towel. Place the towel right on your face above the affected tooth, the coldness from the ice with reduce the pain as well as the swelling.
  • Counter pain relievers: if your tooth was damaged badly and it seems that the pain isn’t going away after using natural remedies, you can try medications. There are suitable OTC pain relievers that you can take in order to get rid of the pain. Certain pain relievers such as Ibuprofen products like Motrin and Advil are usually preferred because they reduce swelling and tooth pain effectively.

Weldone, let’s assume that you have succeeded in relieving the pain and swelling. The next step now is to fix the broken tooth yourself. Don’t, worry you will learn the steps before the end of this article.

How To Fix Broken Tooth At Home Yourself

1. Get the required materials: head to a pharmacy or any local drug store and request for temporary filling material. There are so many brands of temporary fillings around, try to get the one of high quality. Read the instructions and mix the materials to be used for the filling as directed. Also follow the instructions to apply the mix on the cracked area of your tooth. The  filling will harden overtime forming a smooth covering or surface.

2. Get a temporary crown material: this is a good alternative to fillings. You may need to get a temporary crown material if your tooth is loose or if a large portion of your tooth chipped off. You can get a temporary clown at the drug store. Follow the instructions carefully and install the crown over the affected tooth.

3. Cover the tooth with dental wax: dental wax is another effective temporary solution that can fix your broken tooth. Wax might also be available at your local drugstore. Moreover, dental waxing is usually recommended if the crack on your tooth produced a rough edge that could cut our tongue or gums. (1) You can cover the sharp tooth edges, creating a smooth surface with dental wax.

4. Smoothen the cracked surface: this method is very risky and it’s not advisable. Although, it has worked for many patients. It involves the use the emery board to slightly file down the tooth to improve the look. (2) Note: You should only file your tooth if it’s just a small part or a corner of the tooth that was chipped off. It’s never a good idea to file your if the crack or damage on the tooth is large with exposed dentin. Well, using a file can help to improve the appearance of the tooth, but you should be careful not to remove too much of your tooth surface.

Bottom Line

The pain from a broken, fractured or chipped tooth can be so excruciating when you chew food or touch the area. If your suspect that your tooth is cracked or broken, it necessary that you should see your dentist for proper evaluation and treatment plans. But if you are too far away or out of reach to the dentist’s office, there are possible ways to alleviate the pain and fix broken tooth at home.

However, most of the remedies that are listed in this article are temporal, they can only alleviate the pain until you visit your dentists office. It’s always advisable that you should visit your dentist for a proper permanent treatment and tooth repair. In one I my previous posts, I explained some of the available permanent tooth repair procedures. You can read the post in order to know what to expect, if you are to visit the dentist for a tooth repair. Read the post here – 5 Ways To Fix A Broken Tooth Permanently.

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