Home Remedies For Dry Mouth: 8 Working Remedies

home Remedies For dry mouth

Dry mouth is a common health condition, when your salivary glands can’t produce enough saliva needed to keep your mouth wet. This health problem is also known as xerostomia or hypo salivation. Personally, I have suffered from dry mouth many times. Dry mouth at night is very common, you can wake up in the middle of the night having a feeling of chronic dryness in your mouth.

This health condition can cause you so many discomforts, it can put you at risk of developing numerous dental issues such as : tooth decaygum disease, teeth sensitivity and many others. Older adults and people that takes multiple medications are at high risk of having dry mouth. However, medications and aging are not the only causes of this health problem. There are other underlying factors that that can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth can be as a result of nutritional deficiencies, stress, cancer treatment, and even some systemic diseases. (1)

In this article, am going to reveal some real effective home remedies for dry mouth. Most of the remedies I will list here might not provide permanent cure for dry mouth. Dry mouth is usually as a result of salivary gland dysfunction. These remedies can help to clear out those things that are interfering with the functioning of these glands. They might only help to relieve the symptoms, so you may need to see your doctor for proper evaluation and treatments.

Home Remedies For Dry mouth

1. Drink more water 

Dehydration is the most common cause of dry mouth. You will need to increase your fluids intake, dehydration shows that you are not getting enough fluids. Studies have shown that taking more water and staying hydrated can help relieve dry mouth. It helps your body to produce more saliva, promotion of saliva production can prevent dry mouth. It’s advised that men should drink 3 liters while women to drink 2.2 liters of water per day.

You might be thinking that this recommended amount of water per day is too much. But if you drink more water frequently you can achieve this each day. One more thing that I would like you to know is that ; drinking more water can help to clean away harmful bacteria from your teeth and mouth until your saliva flow returns back to normal.

2. Green tea

You should avoid taking much of alcohol, caffeine, and sodas as they tend to increase the risk of dry mouth. (2) Instead you should look for alternatives, luckily green tea can serve as a great alternative. The reason why I recommended taking green tea is because. Green tea has strong antioxidants and antibacterial properties that can prevent the formation of cavities in your mouth. It also contains chemical compounds that can stimulate and promote the flow of saliva.

3. Aloe Vera

The aloe vera juice or gel has been around for many years now. It’s widely used all around the world for preparation of different tradition medicines. It’s popularly used in the beauty world for skin care and protection. It’s also beneficial for treating oral problems. When the aloe vera gel is applied to the mouth, it provides nice moisturizing effects.

The aloe gel has certain properties that can trigger proper functioning of the salivary glands. It promotes healthy production of saliva and also moisturizes the mouth. The aloe vera plant is very easy to find, well I can’t speak for everyone, but where I stay almost everyone have the plant at home. You can get a leaf of the aloe vera plant and extract the juice. You should consume the aloe juice for at least twice a day for fast results. Alternatively, you can buy the aloe vera gel and apply it to your mouth for about 3 times each day.

4. Ginger 

In a 2015 study , it was shown that ginger can stimulate saliva production, making it effective for fighting dry mouth. Drinking a cup of ginger tea daily is a good effective home remedy for dry mouth. It keeps your mouth moisturized and fresh for longer periods. There are lots of brands of ginger tea available in the market today. If you can’t afford one right now, then here is what you need to do.

Get some fresh ginger and chop them into small pieces. After cutting, put it inside a small pot and add a glass of water. You should bring the water to boil for some few minutes, after this your ginger tea is now ready. Alternatively, you can chew some freshly chopped ginger every day. What ever option you choose, they all works just fine.

5. Fennel seeds 

The fennel seeds is a great home remedy for dry mouth and bad breath. It contains an essential ingredient that has strong effects in stimulating saliva production. Due to its aromatic nature, it helps to keep away bad breath, enhancing mouth freshness over a long period of time. Thanks to flavonoids that is being contained in fennel seeds. Flavonoids plays a significant role in stimulating the production of saliva and also in maintaining a healthy mouth.  All you need to do is to get the fennel seeds and chew them as often as necessary daily.

6. Oil pulling

This is a traditional remedy that involves the use coconut oil, sesame oil and vegetable oil. It’s highly beneficial for your oral health as it can treat numerous oral problems. It’s great for preventing dry mouth, bad breath and oral infections. The oils used in oil pulling acts as natural moisturizers and can be helpful in treating dry mouth and its symptoms.

Coconut and olive oils are good for oil pulling, they have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can keep your mouth moisturized all day. Apart from this, they also helps to soften and clear away plaque from the teeth, preventing bacteria buildups. There is no much work here, the only thing that is required of you is to measure out your oil with a teaspoon.

Then swish the oil in your mouth for about 10 – 20 minutes. Spit out after, don’t swallow! After this rinse your mouth with clean water and brush your teeth as usual. You can also try out fish oil and essential oil. But remember, if you must go for essential oils don’t forget to use them along with their carrier oil. You can check out this article I wrote earlier, to learn more about carrier oil for essential oils.

7. Cayenne pepper


Studies have proved that cayenne pepper can actually stimulate saliva production. It’s considered as one of the most common best home remedies for dry mouth. The pepper is widely used, and is quite popular for its digestive and detoxifying properties. When it comes in contact with your tongue, it can enhance your ability to distinguish between sour, sweet, bitter and salty flavors. A pinch of ground cayenne pepper can do the work.

You should get some ground cayenne pepper, take a pinch of the pepper with your wet finger and rub it all over your tongue. Normally, you will experience sharp burning sensation on your tongue for some time. This might seem to be pointless, but trust me, it’s very effective in treating dry mouth.

Other treatment for dry mouth

  • Use a Humidifier : using a humidifier to add more moisture to the air around your environment can be helpful in treating dry mouth. (3)

Constant breathing in of dry air can contribute greatly to dry mouth over time. If you usually experience dry mouth at night, with the help of a humidifier, you can cut down your symptoms when you’re asleep. Well, you can’t just place humidifiers every where in your house. But if you have the resources that would be good. Instead, place your humidifier in rooms where you usually spend a lot of time in. Places like your bedroom or office is usually recommended.

Final Thoughts

Having dry mouth can be quite uncomfortable, it comes along with certain health conditions and discomforts. The remedies I mentioned in this article can help to relieve most of the symptoms. You might need to get help from your dentist if you’ve tried so many remedies but they don’t work. Certain medications can cause dry mouth, so if you think that your problem is from there don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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