carrier oil for essential oils

Carrier Oil For Essential oils

Essential oil are applied to the body for our body care and well-being. But most of this essential oils are highly concentrated, while some are volatile.

You can not apply essential oil on your body, for any reason whatsoever without diluting it first. Without proper dilution, essential oils can lead to skin burn, irritation and redness.

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oil are oils with little or no scent, they are mainly extracted from nuts or seeds of plants. This oil serves as a base for neutralizing essential oils, making them safe to be used on the skin without fear of burns or damages. They don’t interfere in any way with the therapeutic properties of essential oil, instead they help to improve it.

Because of this property, carrier oils along side with essential oils are widely used in therapeutic skin massage, they are also used in production of different body and hair products. Some of this products includes – body lotions, natural diseases remedies, balms and so many other things.

With carrier oils, you will have full control over the concentration of your essential oil. This can be achieved by adding appropriate portion of carrier oil and essential oil together. Most of the carrier oil are gotten from plants, they are more inert with stable chemical balance.

When mixed with essential oil, they help to retain and carry all the medicinal properties of the essential oil. They help to stabilize the chemical contents (example – concentration) of essential oils, apart from this it can also improve the physical properties. Physical properties like – turbidity and droplet size. All this properties are important for effective results and fragrance.

In this article I will give you a list of best carrier oils for essential oils, that are available in the market right now. As you continue to read, you will learn more about each of this carrier oils and their unique additional medicinal benefits. This will help you in choosing the best carrier oil for your essential oil. I will include direct links to this products, you can follow any of the links and order for your best carrier oil immediately.

Best Carrier Oils For Essential oil

Before we proceed you have to keep this in mind when choosing the best carrier oil. Some of this carrier oil have their own aroma, some might not go very well with certain essential oils.

Because they might alter the aroma, apart from this, due to different skin types. Some oil might not be good for your skin, so it’s advisable that you go for 100% pure carrier oil with no additives or preservatives.

There are hundreds of carrier oils available in the market today, each with different properties, uses and health benefits. The one you choose depends on your desired outcome, here is a list of top popular carrier oil that can be used for aromatherapy, massage, hair and skin care.

1. Jojoba Oil 

This natural oil is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba tree, it’s a powerful moisturizer that is popularly used for skin massage. It’s suitable for all skin types because of the numerous health benefits it contains. It has a long shelf -life due to its ability to withstand oxidation.

Jojoba oil has an excellent anti-fungal properties, it’s very effective for skin repair and moisturization. It has one unique property that distinguished it from every other carrier oil, it’s ability to mimick sebum – the natural oil that is secreted by the human skin. This carrier oil can carry any essential oil, because of its neutral and inert nature.

Uses : It produces the best result when used along side with essential oils with anti-fungal properties. When mixed with essential oil, it’s very effective for fighting topical fungal infections. It’s a good carrier oil for face and neck moisturizing, most other carrier oil tends to look oily at this parts. It is easily absorbed by all skin type, makes a good bath oil.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, it makes a good carrier oil when used for aromatherapy and skin massage. This is because of its high penetrating power when it is applied directly on the skin. Coconut oil is a natural edible oil, it’s gotten directly from matured coconuts.

Refined or unrefined coconut oil gotten directly from matured coconut is naturally filled with antioxidants. The unrefined oil is gotten from a matured coconut, this has not been treated with chemicals or allowed to pass through any processing. They still retain their natural aroma, flavor and health benefits.

Refined coconut oil in the other hand is gotten from dried coconut meat, the oil is being extracted and treated to remove impurities, although the aroma, flavor and benefits are still retained.

The oil has natural antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It has a long shelf-life and can also help improve good cholesterol in the body.

Uses : Coconut oil is great for maintaining a healthy hair, nails and skin. It has a great aroma and a powerful moisturizing power, making it ideal for treating and preventing skin problems such as dry skin and infections.

3. Almond Oil

This oil is gotten from the dried fruits of the almond tree, it’s highly rich in healthy antioxidants and vitamin E. It has a skin softening and lightening effects when applied to the skin, because of its high contents of Vitamin E. It reduces and heals skin damage caused by UV rays, it nourishes the skin making way for fast regeneration of new skin cells.

When mixed with essential oil, because of its neutral antioxidants it protects the skin from being damaged by UV rays, it soothes irritated skin and relieves Inflammation.

Uses : Its an excellent carrier oil for preventing skin damage, it has a high moisturizing effects, keeping the skin nourished at all time. It’s a great massage oil and it can help repair damaged and dry skin, it ensures a smooth face and less wrinkles.

4. Olive Oil

The olive oil is gotten from pressed olive fruits, it has so many health benefits. It does more than just to add flavor to your food, in aromatherapy it’s used as a carrier oil because of the things it contains.

Olive oil is filled with Omega-3 fatty acids, it is popularly used for cooking because of its contributions to a healthy heart. In the cardiovascular system and the oil lowers the level of bad (LDL) cholesterol in the body, in return it increases good (HDL) cholesterol.

It helps to strengthen and soften the skin, giving and maintaining a younger skin. This edible oil has a fruity aroma, although it is used as carrier oil in aromatherapy but it can not go along with most essential oil. The aroma tends to interfere with that of some essential oils.

Olive oil is not greasy making it ideal for use on almost all skin types and hair. In order to save costs, some manufacturers tends to mix other oils with olive oil. Don’t go for cheap refined olive oil that might be mixed, instead unrefined extra virgin oil is the best.

Uses : it’s filled with healthy fatty acids and plant sterols. It is excellent for producing hair care products, when used as a massage oil. It can be used to fight dry skin and Inflammations, it cleanses and moisturizes the skin. In addition, olive oil is great for treating wounds found on the skin.

5. Argan Oil

Argon oil is popular because of its unique ant-aging properties, the oil is extracted from karnels found on the Argan fruits. The Argan tree is abundant in Morocco, the natives call the oil “Moroccan Gold”. It is widely used in the country for the production of traditional health care products, such as products for aging, hair growth and repair.

The oil is rich in vitamin A and E, oleic / linoleic fatty acids, if you haven’t heard of this carrier oil then you are really missing out. Because of it’s high nourishing properties, lots of companies are using Argon oil for the production of beauty products.

Argon oil is effective for healing Inflammations, regeneration of new skin cells and treatments for dry / damaged skin. The oil is edible and has a nutty aroma but it can still act as a carrier oil for so many essential oils.

Uses : Just as the name “Moroccan Gold”, Argon oil has lots of health benefits and uses. It’s a good effective carrier oil for general skin care, it reduces wrinkles, heals skin inflammation, treats dry skin, removes stretch marks, provides anti – aging effects, fights acne. It is also a natural hair conditioner, for treating different hair problems.

6. Black Seed Oil 

This natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal oil also known as black cumin seed oil is extracted from the seeds of nigella sativa or caraway plant. Unlike most other carrier oil that I have mentioned above, black is not too popular. Although many research are going on, providing numerous health benefits of this oil.

Black seed oil has a mild, earthy, woody smell, it contains lots of saturated and unsaturated natural fatty acids. It has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for healing of wounds and burns.

The oil is popularly used for the production of traditional hair care products, it eliminates dandruff, restores hair loss, it strengthens hair follicles and also encourages healthy hair growth. When applied to the skin alongside with essential oil, it helps to remove scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and also fights infections.

Uses : it’s used for hair restoration and healthy growth, it can be used to prevent hair loss and damage. The natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic oil is also effective for treating toothache, tooth decay and numerous oral problems.

When it comes to skin care, black seed oil is used for general skin care, it is used in the preparation of remedies to soothe eczema, acne and psoriasis . The oil makes a great massage oil.

7. Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is gotten from dried seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree, this magical oil has lots of health benefits. It’s used around the world for preparation of different traditions medicines, because of its numerous contents and benefits.

The Moringa oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, B and C, it works just fine for moisturizing and smoothing dry skin. It has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, that it can cure and relieve pain from cuts, wounds, burns, acne and insect bites.

It’s an excellent anti-aging remedy, the vitamins contained in the oil helps to maintain the natural glow of the skin. It is used to rejuvenate dull, sagging skin, remove wrinkles and stretch marks. When applied to the skin as a carrier oil of an essential oil, it’s acts as a natural moisturizer that can also be used to heal wounds on the skin.

Uses : Moringa oil has anti-inflammatory property, it’s very effective for pain relief, it heals scars and speeds up skin repairs. It’s a natural conditioner that takes care of the hair, it promotes healthy hair growth.

8. Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil is obtained from apricot seeds, it has a sweet nutty aroma. Unlike most other carrier oil, Apricot kernel oil is mostly used for skin care. It’s recommended to be used alongside with essential oils that are used as massage oil.

This oil contains different compounds that are essential for maintaining a healthy skin, it contains both oleic and linoleic acid. With the high number of benefitial compounds contain in this oil, it serves as a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It’s very effective for skin care, it’s a non-greasy oil, making it ideal for to be used on all types of skin.

Uses : Apricot kernel oil is a great carrier oil that is used for facial and whole body massage. The oil has the ability to soften and calm irritated, itchy skin. Using Apricot oil as a carrier or massage oil, coupled with other essential oils, can cure different types of skin diseases and problems.

9. Castor Oil 

Castor oil is extracted from seeds from the castor bean plant, castor oil has been in existence for a long time. For centuries this oil has been in use for preparation of different traditions medicines. So many researches have proven lots of health benefits of this amazing oil.

For centuries this oil has been popularly used for producing medicines for constipation and pain relief. Apart from this two there are also other numerous health problems you can solve using castor oil. It can be used for our overall body well-being inside-out, it kills harmful microorganisms in the body. It helps to kill bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and fungi by increasing the number of white blood cells.

Castor oil has so many outstanding benefits, that makes it more powerful and effective than most carrier oils on this list. High quality compressed castor oil contains rare saturated fatty acids, it makes positive impact for a good circulation. It improves the body immune system, supports proper digestion and also helps to detoxify the body.

This oil is a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, when used on the skin as a carrier oil along with essential oils. This makes it great for treating skin infections and maintaining a healthy skin. The fatty acids contained in castor oil is also effective for promoting healthy hair growth.

Uses : Castor oil is used to boost the immune system, it can also be used to detoxify our body, making way for better digestion. It can be applied directly on aching joints or muscle for pain relief, it can also eliminate swelling and Inflammation. It’s an effective remedy for dandruff and topical infections. Castor oil works well as a carrier oil for almost all essential oils, it’s also great for all skin types.

10. Neem Oil

This natural oil is extracted from seeds found on the neem plant, this plant is from Indian origin. Neem oil is used for treating different health problems, you can even use it to treat your pet.

This oil is contains lots of active biochemical compounds, making it a powerful oil for taking care of the skin and hair. It’s also a natural ants repellent, it can be used to eliminate parasites and insects. Neem oil promotes natural healthy skin and hair, it is very good for aging and dry skin.

Uses : Neem oil is used for fighting topical fungal infections, all thanks to thymol – a powerful anti-fungal. Because of the antibacterial nature of the oil, it can be used for maintaining healthy teeth and gum. Their are special toothpaste made using neem, constant use of this toothpastes can helps to help to reduce plaque, prevent toothache, tooth decay and numerous oral problems.

Neem oil promotes soft and supple skin, that is free from infections and scars. It also helps to accelerate the healing process of the body.

How To Use Carrier Oil For Essential Oil

First you would need to buy the carrier oil, make sure that you buy pure original carrier oil. Cold-pressed oils are considered to be the best when used with essential oils. Cheap carrier oils usually contain artificial addictives that makes them not 100% safe for use.

Carrier oils with labels such as “Cold-pressed” or “Organic”, that are rich in healthy fatty acids, minerals or vitamins are the best. For your own convenience, I included direct links to reliable carrier oils available in the market, you can follow any of the links and order for an original carrier oil now.

When diluting an essential oil with a carrier oil, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy recommends that you follow this dilution ratios :

For Adults :

  • Add 60 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil, for 10% dilution.
  • Add 30 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil, for 5% dilution.
  • Add 20 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil, for 3% dilution.
  • Add 15 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil, for 2.5 dilution.

For kids and younger children:

  • Add 3 to 6 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier, 0.5 to 1 % dilution

Carrier oils have varying limited shelf-life, most of them normally come in dark bottles. Ensure to leave them in the dark bottles, you can keep them in cool dark place. Alternatively, you can put carrier oil inside the refrigerator.


  • Keep carrier oils away from kids under the age of 3 months, they have sensitive skin.
  • Pregnant women who have not completed their first trimester, should not inhale carrier oils or use them. It might be dangerous for your baby, a doctor can help you understand this better.
  • Some carrier oils such as almond, argan and apricot kernel oil are derived from tree nuts. If you’re allergic to tree nuts, you shouldn’t use any of these oils derived from tree nuts.
  • Don’t use any carrier oil in a way that is against the manufacturer’s instructions, don’t use when expired either.

Final Note : Carrier oils are crucial during massage and aromatherapy, you should not accept essential oil massage, unless you are quite sure that the oil has been properly diluted with carrier oils. You should always carry out a small test on any carrier oil before use, you can apply some of the oil on your under arms.

If you notice any sign of allergies, that carry oil is not good for your skin. So, you can still go through our top 10 carrier oil and pick the oil that suits you best. You can share your experience with us or feedback by using the comments section below.

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