chipped tooth discoloration

Chipped tooth discoloration: Reasons & Best Treatments

Chipped teeth are not always serious, but they do come with some dental complications. Chipped tooth discoloration is common especially for young children whose teeth are still developing. Having discolored…

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Save Dying Tooth Naturally, Without Root Canal

Any Way To Save Dying Tooth Naturally, Without Root Canal?

In dentistry, when it comes to treating a damaged or decayed tooth “You will need root canal treatment” is the most common word that you will hear from dentists. Although,…

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broken tooth no pain

Broken tooth no pain: Reasons & What To Do Next

Naturally, the human teeth are remarkably strong. The permanent teeth are made in such a way that they can last for a lifetime. But sometimes due to one reason or the…

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Kill Exposed Nerve In Tooth

6 Remedies To Kill Exposed Nerve In Tooth Within 5 mins

Having an exposed nerve can lead to severe tooth pain and discomforts. This dental problem is very common, it usually occur when the tooth structure is damaged. Naturally, the tooth nerves…

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tooth broke in half black inside

Tooth broke in half black inside: Meaning & Risks

Having a broken or cracked tooth can be really painful. There are a few reasons why your tooth can crack in half with no warning, fortunately there are available tooth…

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broken tooth extraction cost

Broken tooth extraction cost: With & Without Insurance

At one point in life, even with excellent dental hygiene, you may find yourself in need of a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction might be necessary if you have a…

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does tooth extraction hurt

Tooth extraction healing time: How Long To Recovery

Maybe you just had one of your tooth extraction, it necessary that you should know how long it will take for the socket to heal. It’s true that the extraction…

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does tooth extraction hurt

Does tooth extraction hurt? How It Hurts Before & After

Having a tooth extraction can be very scary. The thought about having your tooth pulled out plus the discomfort and pain can make anybody to be afraid. As we all…

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broken tooth extraction procedure

Broken Tooth Extraction Procedure: How It’s Done (Steps)

Tooth extraction as the name implies, is simply the removal of the tooth from its socket in the bone. Usually in dentistry, broken or damaged tooth are fixed with dental…

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Fix Broken Tooth At Home

Working Ways To Fix Broken Tooth At Home Yourself

The teeth are likely to break, fracture or chip when they are not properly maintained. Extreme cases of tooth grinding, biting on hard foods, accident, gum disease or bone loss can…

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