Tooth broke in half black inside: Meaning & Risks

Tooth broke in half black inside

Having a broken or cracked tooth can be really painful. There are a few reasons why your tooth can crack in half with no warning, fortunately there are available tooth repair treatments to fix a cracked tooth. The teeth enamel is the white outermost protective covering of teeth, it protects the soft inner sensitive parts of the teeth. The pulp is found at the core of the tooth right after the dentin, it’s the part of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels.

Well, there are plenty of factors that may cause the tooth enamel to crack. A deep crack on a tooth usually leads to the exposure of the tooth pulp. But what does it really mean that your tooth broke in half and you notice that it’s black inside?

Moreover, some patients experience symptoms such as foul taste and odor from their broken tooth. Some might also experience color change such as yellow, grey, or black discoloration of the inner part of the tooth. So what could really be responsible? In this article we’ll look at those common reasons why your tooth may have darkened. You will also get to know the right action to take If you noticed that your broken tooth is black on the inside.

Tooth broke in half black inside

The common reason why your tooth may have darkened is because the nerves inside the tooth are dead. In dentistry, a tooth without a live nerve in it, is referred to as non vital by dental professionals. (1) It’s not always easy to figure out whether the nerves inside your tooth are dead or not, you may only know after the tooth had cracked open. It’s only a dental professional with the help of dental evaluation that can tell if any your teeth is dead.

However, dead teeth are not useless at all, they can still be functional just like other healthy teeth. The only problem is the black discoloration and infections, they can also crack at anytime because there is no living nerves within them.

Causes Of Dead Tooth

Just as we all know, every living tissues in the human body needs access to blood for its survival. Body tissues including the nerves inside the pulp usually die due to lack of blood flow. Maybe due to inflammation or infections the damaged tooth nerves were cut off from blood flow. Also, dental trauma such as a hard knock on your tooth can make the blood vessels within to burst. This usually results to loss of blood flow, the nerves and the other living tissues within the pulp will begin to die eventually.

In addition, without access to blood flow, bacteria will begin to feed on the decaying matter, giving it that distinctive black color. At this point, you may not know that you are walking around with a pocket of dead tissue in your mouth. Lots of bacteria can inhabit inside the dead tooth, making you vulnerable to serious health problems. An untreated infected tooth could easily infect other teeth and other vital organs in the body by spreading through the blood.

Well, you don’t need to panic if you just noticed that your broken tooth is black inside. There are available dental procedures that can be used to fix the problem. But before that, there is one important thing that I would like you to know before I continue. Please don’t ever try to avoid treatment and wait for the damaged tooth to remove on its own. Just like I said earlier, it could lead to the loss of other teeth as well, you could also develop a serious health problem from there.

What to do if your broken tooth is black inside

The best action to take all depends on how bad the damage is. If you leave the tooth untreated, the bacterial from it can spread from the tooth root and cause damages to your body tissues. The best thing to do is to see a dentist, the dentist will have to examine the tooth and decide on the best way to treat it. In dentistry, it’s believed that there are two solutions for a dying tooth, they include:

1. Root Canal: the root canal is a painless dental procedure that involves cleaning out of dead tissue and decay from the pulp of a damaged or decayed tooth. After the cleaning, the dental professional will have to replace the removed damaged or infected tissue with an inert substitute.

2. Tooth Extraction: although, no one wants to have his or her tooth removed, but sometimes it will be necessary. The thought of having your tooth pulled out plus the discomforts can be frightening. But tooth extraction may be necessary if it’s the only option left. Root canal is usually recommended if the damages on the tooth is not much, especially if your tooth is simply discolored. In some cases where a tooth is severely damaged that it can not be saved, then tooth extraction will be needed.

Tooth extraction procedure is a simple tooth removal process, it’s usually painless but it takes time to heal. In my previous post I explained more on – How long it takes to recover after extraction. You can also check here to see – the cost of tooth extraction. However, most patients would prefer to go for any other available alternative in order to avoid removing their teeth. You can also check here to see – 5 ways to repair a damaged tooth.

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