Naturally reverse tooth decay with these steps without fillings

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Ever since we were growing up, we were told that sugar can destroy our teeth. This is true because sugars from the food we eat leads to the formation of plaque and multiplication of bacteria in the mouth. By now you must have known some few things about tooth decay and cavities.

Tooth decay is commonly caused by acids produced when bacteria breaks down sugar from plaque in the mouth. The hole that result from tooth decay will continue to grow larger if it’s left untreated. When the tooth is exposed to constant acid attacks, the tooth enamel will continue to wear down and also lose its minerals. Bad breath and black spots on the tooth enamel are the early signs of tooth decay.

At this point in time, the tooth decay can be reversed, there are various ways available to remineralize and repair the damages on the enamel. Minerals gotten from saliva, fluoride from toothpaste or other sources can help remineralizes the enamel, helping it to repair itself. If the enamel is not getting enough minerals that it will use to replenish the ones lost. it will be weakened and destroyed leading to the formation of cavity.

Gum line cavity is a type of dental cavity that occurs along the gum lines. This type of cavity usually takes a little longer to heal. In this article am going to reveal to you ways that you can heal cavities naturally and prevent tooth decay. Most people usually think that fillings is the only option to treat cavities. But this is not true, a few changes of lifestyle can help to heal or prevent cavities naturally.

Within few seconds from now I will explain some basic principles on how to stop the tooth decay process and even reverse it from forming cavities.

Ways To Reverse Tooth Decay

1. Take vitamins and supplements

Vitamin B, D, magnesium and iron are some of the essential nutrients that is very important for the health of the bones, teeth and gums. Taking more of this nutrients daily can help to control inflammation, they also help to prevent or reverse cavities. Certain vitamins helps in the active production of saliva, few others help in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. I hope you know the importance of saliva in the mouth right? If not let me tell you.

Saliva contains strong antibacterial and cleaning properties that eliminates harmful bacteria from the mouth, it also clears away food particles. Vegetables, whole grain foods, seafood – salmon, canned tuna and sardines are all great sources of vitamins. Alternatively, your dentist can recommend. supplements for you.

2. Use fluoride

According to Nidcr fluoride is a mineral and it is great for preventing the progression of tooth decay. It can reverse or stop, early tooth decay. Flouride has the ability to protect the teeth, by replacing the minerals lost from the enamel. It also reduces the ability of bacteria to produce acids that can wear down the teeth enamel. If you already have cavities or tooth decay, flouride can help to reverse the damages.

There are so many sources of fluoride, it can be gotten from tap water or fluoridated products. Many oral care products manufacturers now add fluoride as one of their ingredients. Fluoridated water is now made available to the general public by adding fluoride into public water supply.

If you drink only bottled water, you might end up having cavities. This is because bottled water does not contain enough flouride that can prevent cavities. You should talk to your dentist, he can prescribe additional fluoride in the form of a tablet, varnish, or gel.

3. Reduce your sugar intake

If you usually eat lots of sugary foods daily, then it’s time to cut down the amount of sugar you eat. Eating much of foods that contains sugar or starch, leads to plaque formation. When left in the mouth for some period of time, they tend to attract lots of bacteria that use them to produce acids. The acids produced from the break down of this sugars, eats away the protective layers of the teeth.

Naturally, your saliva can help fight off this acid attack. But if you continue to eat foods and drinks containing sugar and starches frequently all day. The constant acid attacks will cause repeated lose minerals from your tooth, eventually a cavity will develop.

Taking much of sugary foods when you already have tooth decay will only make the problem go worse. According to the British Medical Journal, it’s suggested that you switch to foods that contains helpful minerals. For example, instead of consuming more of sugary foods, you should switch to calcium rich foods. Foods such as kale, collards, broccoli and dairy contains more of calcium, they can help strengthen and repair the damages on your teeth.

4. Practice good oral hygiene 

Regular brushing and flossing are two of the most important ways of preventing tooth decay and cavities. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste has shown to play a significant role in for preventing cavities. When choosing your tooth brush, toothpaste or mouthwash make sure that you pick the right ones. Those that have antibacterial and remineralizing properties works just fine in fighting cavities. You should also consider changing your toothbrush after every three months, ecpecially after battling with mouth infection, virus or cold.

Apart from brushing and flossing, there are natural remedies that can reverse tooth decay and cavities. I don’t know if you have heard about oil pulling before, it’s believed that oil pulling contains cleansing, moisturizing and antiseptic properties. This involves swishing an oil such as coconut oil for about 10-20 minutes in the mouth, this reduces plaque, prevents infections and also heals different dental problems.

5. Use antacids

If you experience eating disorders, then taking antacids can be a good idea. Eating disorder usually results to frequent vomiting, the acids from the stomach erodes the teeth, causing teeth sensitivity and decay. This is when these acids always come in contact with the teeth. Also people who suffer from acid reflux disease, are also advised to take antacids in order to reduce the acidic environment in their stomach.

6. Eat tooth-healthy meals 

You should be mindful of the things that you eat, sticky sugary and acidic foods are not good for your teeth. Most of these foods creates an imbalanced pH level in the mouth, suitable for harmful bacteria to survive and multiply. Acidic foods such as citrus fruits and sugar creates damages and environment for housing harmful bacteria.

If you normally drink coffee daily and you usually have frequent cavities, then it’s time you’ll need to look for alternatives. Green tea is a great alternative, it contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of the numerous health benefits it contains, it’s effective for fighting cavities and improving oral health.

If you are the type that love chewing gums, your dentist can recommend sugarless gums for you. Most varieties of sugarless gums contain natural sweetener called xylitol. Xylitol is a five-carbon sugar alcohol, it plays a significant role in reducing plaque formation and also in preventing tooth decay.

Final Thoughts

In order to bring a lasting solution to teeth cavities, regular visits to your dentist will be needed. Regular oral cleanings and examinations is very important. During your visit to your dentist, if you suspect that you are not getting enough flouride. You should let your dentist know, if necessary he can apply a fluoride gel or varnish to your teeth.

However, on your own, you can limit or reverse the damages on your teeth by following these simple steps. If you have any other suggestions or questions kindly drop a comment below. For more information about tooth decay and cavities, learn more here.

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