Strengthen tooth enamel

How To Strengthen Tooth Enamel: What Works + Risks

The tooth enamel is the outermost white part of a tooth. It will always  remain white and strong when we take proper care of our teeth. Taking care of your…

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Effective Ways To Restore Your Tooth Enamel: What Works

The enamel is a strong outermost protective layer of the teeth. It shields the softer inner layers of the teeth from the foods we eat and also from harmful microorganisms…

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Tooth Erosion At Gum Line: Definition, Causes & Risks

The teeth is among the hardest substances found in our body. With the help of hard protective layers the teeth is supposed to stand strong and functional throughout our days…

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Safest 6 ways to prevent acid erosion on teeth

The teeth is highly protected by its outer covering known as the enamel. The enamel is very tough, it covers and protect the soft inner layers of the teeth. Although,…

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