Bad Breath in Kids

Bad Breath in Kids: Causes & Effects On Kids Health

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis, anybody can have it at any time. It occurs both in children and adults. Chronic bad breath in kids is usually caused by poor…

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bad breath from nose

Bad Breath From Nose: Causes & Remedies To Cure It

Nobody likes bad breath, if you do then it’s weird. Bad breath can create a bad first impression. The strong mouth odor can be persistent if you are treating it without…

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cure bad breath permanently

Working 8 Ways To Cure Bad Breath Permanently Forever

Bad breath can be so humiliating, and can make an individual to be very self-conscious and withdrawn from certain social activities. The odor is so bad that it can destroy…

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Bad Breath From Stomach: Causes & Remedies To Cure It

Bad breath can come from numerous places in the body. The foul odor can originate from the tongue, gums, teeth or even from the stomach. Millions of people out there…

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Bad Breath remedy baking soda

4 Ways To Cure Bad Breath Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular household product, it is generally known by the name sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate. The natural occurring sodium bicarbonate is a mineral that is…

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Working 9 Bad Breath Home Remedy: What Works

Bad breath is a condition of having mouth odour. Strong odor from the breath can cause adverse consequences on your confidence and social life. Bad breath is medically referred to…

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bad breath treatments

Bad Breath Treatments: 7 Treatments That Works

Halitosis (bad breath) is a common oral problem that anyone at any age can have. This oral problem is so common that it’s believed that about one in five people…

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types of bad breath smells

7 Types Of Bad Breath Smells: Know Them Now

Bad breath smells and odors vary depending on the underlying cause or origin. Bad breath is usually harmless but it’s so embarrassing and nobody will tell you about it. Everyone…

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chronic bad breath even after brushing

Chronic bad breath even after brushing: 6 Causes

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis, no body likes it, because it can be so embarrassing and may even cause anxiety. Bad breath is a medical condition that develops…

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