How do you treat a canker sore in a child

8 Ways To Treat A Canker Sore In A Child

Canker sores is not contagious, but it’s very painful. If you have suffered from canker sores before, you should know how it hurts. It is quite surprising just how much…

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Bad Breath in Kids: Causes & Effects On Kids Health

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis, anybody can have it at any time. It occurs both in children and adults. Chronic bad breath in kids is usually caused by poor…

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Gingivitis in children: Causes & Effects On Kids Health

Gingivitis occurs commonly in children and adults. It’s a mild form of periodontal (gum) disease that leads to gums inflammation, redness and bleeding. If your child experiences frequent gums bleeding…

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Bleeding gums in children: Causes & Effects On Kids Health

Lots of toddlers, children and adults have bleeding gums at a point. It can be a thing of great concern to see blood coming out from your child’s gums. Adults…

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