cavities at gum line

Cavities At Gum Line Causes & Treatments: Questions Answered

Cavities is caused by the decay of the teeth or exposed teeth roots. Basically, the teeth are protected by hard outer covering called enamel. The enamel is among the hardest…

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prevent tooth decay

How To Prevent Tooth Decay: What Works & What Hurts

Tooth decay occurs when the tooth structure is damaged, acids produced from the activities of bacteria in the mouth are primary suspect. Acids are produced when bacteria breaks down sugar…

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diseases that cause tooth decay

Diseases That Cause Tooth Decay: Know Before Actions

Tooth decay also known as cavity occurs when the structure of the tooth is destroyed. A damage to the tooth enamel can result to tooth decay. Although the tooth enamel…

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kids bedroom stop bruxism

Steps To Stop A Child From Grinding Her Teeth At Night : It Works

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) is a type of medical condition when you grind or clench your teeth. Teeth grinding might seem to be normal, but it becomes a problem when it…

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Teeth Grinding pictures, Causes , Treatment and remedy

Teeth Grinding In Children: Causes & Effects On Kids Health

Teeth grinding also known as bruxism is so common this days, most parents think that this is a normal thing for children. So many children does this mostly at their…

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garlic clove natural remedy

How To Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain Immediately: 7 Treatments & Remedies

By now you must have understood the feeling better, when you take a bite on cold or hot foods. Teeth sensitivity can make you pass your favorite foods and drinks….

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Sensitive Teeth

What Causes Sensitive Teeth, The Ultimate Secrets + Pictures

If you experience sharp pain and discomfort when you take cold or hot foods, their is possibility that you have sensitive teeth. But you aren’t alone on this, lots of…

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Healthy Teeth Picture

Good habits for healthy teeth, tips for healthy teeth and gum

SIGNS OF A HEALTHY TEETH Oral health is very important in maintaining an overall healthy body, our mouth are made up of various parts, all of this parts are overly…

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