tooth discoloration after trauma

Tooth discoloration after trauma, Reasons & Treatments

Tooth discolouration after trauma is one of the common dental problems that many people face today. It is possible for the color of a traumatized tooth to change from white…

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Cost Of Root Canal

Cost Of Root Canal, With & Without Insurance

Some years ago, during the early days of dentistry, injured or diseased teeth are usually extracted. As of now, tooth extraction is not only the available option, every effort is now…

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Infection after root canal

4 Serious Signs Of Infection After Root Canal

Most of us are already familiar with the root canal procedure, how it’s done and when it is necessary. The treatments is often necessary when the living parts of the…

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root canal side effects

Root canal side effects & dangers, the Disadvantages

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is used to save tooth whose nerves are infected or damaged as a result of plaque buildup, dental trauma, tooth erosion or…

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Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Procedure: See How Root Canal Is Done

Root canal is a procedure in dentistry that is used to repair and save damaged, decayed or infected tooth.The procedure can be performed by an endodontist or by a general…

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Why You Feel Pain After A Root Canal

5 Reasons Why You Feel Pain After A Root Canal

Root canal is also referred to as an endodontic treatment. It is a dental procedure that is used to treat damaged or decayed tooth. With the use of modern technology…

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Severe Pain After Root Canal

Severe Pain After Root Canal: What Hurts & Management

The thought of having a root canal treatment can be scary. Many people may be afraid to have a root canal because they usually expect excessive pain and discomforts during…

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Root Canal treatment Meaning: Full Definition and Therapy

Root canal treatment is also referred to as as endodontic therapy. It’s is a straightforward dental treatment for removing infection and damaged nerves from the pulp of a tooth. The…

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