Mouth sores and Ulcers In Children

Canker Sores or Cold Sores: Know The Difference (Pictures)

Canker sores and cold sores are lesions that anyone can have. The both have similar triggers but they are never the same. Most people use to get confused, not knowing…

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Canker Sores Pictures

Canker Sores Pictures: See How The Sores Look Like

Canker sores, also known as aphthous ulcers, can develop in any part of the mouth, gums or inside of the cheeks. Generally, the sores are not contagious¬†and can be caused…

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Periodontalitis pictures

Periodontal Disease Pictures: See What Gum Disease Looks Like

Having healthy gums is not only important for your oral health, it’s also necessary for your overall health. Certain factors such as excessive tobacco use, malnutrition, poor oral hygiene, poor…

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pictures of dental implants

Pictures of dental implants, best before & after photos

Before we look at some pictures of dental implants, I would like to explain some few things first. Maybe you already knew what dental implants is all about, but for…

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Gingivitis pictures 3

Gingivitis pictures: What gingivitis actually Looks like

Gingivitis is a medical condition that affects the gums, gums inflammation and bleeding are common signs of gingivitis. It’s very common across different ages. It is possible that you can…

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reverse tooth decay, natural reverse cavities

Naturally reverse tooth decay with these steps without fillings

Ever since we were growing up, we were told that sugar can destroy our teeth. This is true because sugars from the food we eat leads to the formation of…

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diseases that cause tooth decay

Gum Line Cavity Treatments : What Works & What Hurts

Cavities at the gum line are very sensitive and painful. They tend to spread more faster than any other type of dental cavity. Cavities such as those that develop on…

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Sensitive Teeth red gums

Receding Gums Pictures : What Receding Gums Looks Like

Here are receding gums pictures, I will show you different signs and progression with pictures. As most of you already know what receding gums is all about, but for the…

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receding Gums treatment , pictures

How To Reverse Receding Gums: Treatments To Grow Back

Rceding gums is a medical condition, when the gums are being pulled away from the teeth. Receding gums only leaves the roots of your teeth exposed, including the soft tissues…

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Mouth sores and Ulcers In Children

Mouth Ulcers In Children : Causes, Symptoms & Pictures

Mouth ulcers or sores causes lots of pain and discomfort to children, even to adults. They can appear on the inner lining of your child’s mouth, most times on the…

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