loose wisdom tooth

Dry socket wisdom teeth: Causes & What to do

The wisdom teeth is the last molars that grow at the back of the gums. These teeth are usually three or four in number and usually grow through the gums during…

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Receding Gums Natural Remedies: Fix Gums Without Surgery

Basically, the teeth are held tightly on their individual sockets in the jaw bones with the help of gums. The gums holds each tooth fixed and stable , it goes…

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Fastest Ways To Reverse Receding Gums: What Works

There are so many misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding this issue of gums recessioOn this article I will try as much as possible to reveal about why your gums are receding…

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How To Reverse Receding Gums: Treatments To Grow Back

Rceding gums is a medical condition, when the gums are being pulled away from the teeth. Receding gums only leaves the roots of your teeth exposed, including the soft tissues…

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What a healthy gum looks like, Signs Of Bad Gum

Signs Of  Healthy Gum To have the most beautiful smile ever, you may need the help of shiny set of teeth for the job. Your oral health can change a…

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