Root Canal or Extraction

Dead tooth, should you pull it? Root Canal or Extraction

Root Canal and extraction are two procedures that can be used to treat teeth that are damaged or infected in some way. It can be very difficult to decide, If…

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Broken tooth extraction cost: With & Without Insurance

At one point in life, even with excellent dental hygiene, you may find yourself in need of a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction might be necessary if you have a…

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Tooth extraction healing time: How Long To Recovery

Maybe you just had one of your tooth extraction, it necessary that you should know how long it will take for the socket to heal. It’s true that the extraction…

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Does tooth extraction hurt? How It Hurts Before & After

Having a tooth extraction can be very scary. The thought about having your tooth pulled out plus the discomfort and pain can make anybody to be afraid. As we all…

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