teeth filling cost

How Much Teeth Filling Costs: Guide To Spend Less

Trust me, no normal person would love to have holes on his or her teeth. Dental holes are consequences of poor oral hygiene. When you don’t take good care of…

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Naturally reverse tooth decay with these steps without fillings

Ever since we were growing up, we were told that sugar can destroy our teeth. This is true because sugars from the food we eat leads to the formation of…

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Gum Line Cavity Treatments : What Works & What Hurts

Cavities at the gum line are very sensitive and painful. They tend to spread more faster than any other type of dental cavity. Cavities such as those that develop on…

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Cavities At Gum Line Causes & Treatments: Questions Answered

Cavities is caused by the decay of the teeth or exposed teeth roots. Basically, the teeth are protected by hard outer covering called enamel. The enamel is among the hardest…

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How To Prevent Tooth Decay: What Works & What Hurts

Tooth decay occurs when the tooth structure is damaged, acids produced from the activities of bacteria in the mouth are primary suspect. Acids are produced when bacteria breaks down sugar…

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Diseases That Cause Tooth Decay: Know Before Actions

Tooth decay also known as cavity occurs when the structure of the tooth is destroyed. A damage to the tooth enamel can result to tooth decay. Although the tooth enamel…

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